Workout View

I am pretty lucky to have this great view while working out. Unfortunately they are building a new YMCA to move into that is not by the river. Oh, well I will enjoy it while it lasts.




I am surprised how quickly I am starting to see results in the heart rate monitoring. Although, maybe it has something to do with how good I feel or how much caffiene I consumed. If I keep measuring it I should be able to tell if it is pure results or not. I set the treadmill, the same one, at 3.0 mph and 2.0% incline and go for 5 minutes. The first day I did it I peaked at 111 bpm, now I am at 105. [Yeah ok so the thing says 6 minutes and 6 seconds, so who said I was a fast draw on the phone camera?]

And since I was all snap happy with the camera I got the end of the workout I might as well post it here for later comparison too.

One last note, I weighed in at 215.6 today. I eat bad for the weekend and look what happens (220.0), I eat good Monday and Tuesday and I should get right back to where I was. I am feeling very good with the weights too. I am starting to up some of them by 5 pounds to make sure I am getting them to near fatigue by the end of the second set. I also recover much faster now. By the time I get back out to the car I can hardly tell I just worked out, I feel jello-less, while the first week I had trouble the rest of the night even walking around.


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