Taking Sugar to the Moon

I did my first run, it was hard. It was probably not truly considered running, but if you heard the thunderous sound that was coming from the room I have my treadmill in you might be willing to to agree that I at least stampeded for 1 mile in 12:19.

It was kind of funny cause I got myself confused on the distance and I was starting to consider dropping the speed down cause I though I had 1 1/2 laps left, but I actually had a half a lap left so I sped it up. How much of this stuff is in my head anyway? I can’t accurately measure my heart rate when running at home, but I bet I got it up to what is considered 100% for my age if not more at some point there. I will have to take this running stuff slow at first cause I was feeling it in my shins with just this little bit. But don’t worry about me, there is little chance I will spontaneously jump up and run 5 miles right now anyway.

It sure felt good. I felt it in my stomach muscles which I thought was weird. I think it was cause I had eaten too recently that I had trouble, but I still felt it in my muscles this morning so it wasn’t only that. To which I was happy to find that I got down to 214.8. I managed to avoid the late night eating, with three close calls.

I am doing the weights again tonight, I think I will try to get my bike ride in here so I can get all my stats figured out. I am sure you saw my new image as a banner, I am going to try and update it with my current stats each time I reach better numbers and have a few minutes.

It is amazing how the workouts we do add up to great things over time. My dad, who passed away last year, did something I thought was pretty cool with his exercise bike. He would keep track of all the miles and as they added up he would put where he was on a tour of the US. I don’t think he went any great distances on a given day, but he had so many of them he was on his second tour of the US.

I don’t know if I have the time or inclination to keep good enough records but would it be fun to do some of these things:

  1. “Walk” 500 miles (if you like the Proclaimers)
  2. “Run” the Indy 500
  3. “Bike” from the north pole to the south pole
  4. “Swim” the Amazon river
  5. “Lift” a 10 pound bag of sugar to the moon

Anyone else got an idea?


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3 Responses to “Taking Sugar to the Moon”

  1. MizFit Says:

    how’d the weights go last night?

  2. Crabby McSlacker Says:

    What a great idea to track your goals in terms of crossing the country or lifting weights to the moon!

    It reinforces such an important message about how things add up over time.

    Hope the shins feel better soon.

  3. brianthinagain Says:

    The weights went great. They are getting easier to do and recover from every time even as I had 5-10 pounds here and there.

    The shins only hurt during the run, they didn’t hurt too bad, only enough to know they are there. My body was just telling me I better not do the running for more than a mile or else… at that speed anyway.

    I just did some quick estimates and it will take me 30 years to lift that weight to the moon(229,000 miles) at my current pace of 3 times a week with an average lift of 12 inches and 55 pounds. I was amazed though that its equivalent to the 10 pounds going up 5 miles! Its just a long way to the moon. I think I need to lift a pound at first, then I can do it under 3 years as I will be upping the weights. So that means I lifted 1 pound 50 miles. Or maybe I just put the bag of sugar into geosynchronous orbit (22,000 miles). That is just under 1/10th of the way to the moon.

    [OK I can hear it now, I know what you are thinking, just shut up and lift the weights…]

    I just can’t get over those numbers. That little bity workout I did last night expended enough energy to lift that 10 lb bag of sugar to the top of Mount Everest. Like, woah dude.

    Thanks for all the encouragement!

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