Drinking More Water

I don’t have much to say today. I guess I am going to make up for all the very long entries.

One thing I was looking at yesterday was superfoods. There is a lot written about them. I will be writing some about them as soon as I figure out a recipe that uses a few. I might have to create a whole day’s worth and call it SuperFoods Tuesday or something. See if I can get my body to revolt…

So anyway, green tea was one of the items and I saw a thing where it suggested tossing a tea bag in your tall glass of water. What I found was that it doesn’t really make a very strong tea, because the water is cold, but it gives it enough flavor that it becomes very easy to drink. Anything that makes water easier to drink is a good thing. I will just re-use the tea bag a couple of times and see if it works for the day.

Weights tonight for me. They sure are working good cause I have not been eating very good and I am at 214.8 this morning which is basically unchanged. If I had eaten like I am for the last two weeks with no weights or working out I think I would be another 5 pounds higher. I am getting ready to add a South Beach Diet phase one jaunt to turbo charge a little weight loss I think.



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