My Ideal Weight

I am supposed to weigh between 125 and 165 pounds to be normal according to BMI groupings. I don’t know about this. I was thinking if I made it to 175-180 I was done. I can’t imagine being considered normal if I weighed a buck and a quarter. I will just take a wait and see attitude on this one. 

I got real busy and couldn’t make it to the YMCA at my normal time yesterday. That is how the story always starts. And you already think you know the ending don’t you? Admit it don’t you?

Thats right, I pulled in at 8:55 and found they close at 9:30. So I rushed up to the weight room. I skipped the warmup, I half ran from the parking lot to weights anyway, maybe that counts? The room was empty, the guy that “mans” it was just about to leave and had everything shut down, radio, half the lights, windows closed, etc. He put the radio on and left. I had the room to myself.

First thing I did was consider working out nakid. (No I didn’t I just want to make sure you are still paying attention.) I figured that time to rest between sets was a bit wasteful, so I just used 2 and 3 machines in order to go right to the next while I rested the other muscle. It worked pretty good but I realized there are more arm machines than leg. So by the end with the high speed workout I could hardly lift the last couple at my normal weight, certainly not the entire 2×15 I wanted. So I finished the workout in just under 30 minutes, it usually takes about 50 with the resting in between. I think I like 50 better, I will not be so late next time.

To make up for missing the cardio I went up and down stairs at home cause I didn’t feel like the treadmill (mine sucks compared to the gym ones). Man I gotta tell ya, “running” the stairs is not for the faint of heart. Talk about burn…


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