Workin on the Weekend

I swam before the weights this time, and it did not make a bit of difference. I was shocked. In fact I did worse. I must have been all around tired because I could not even muster up one grouping of 4 consecutive laps. The goggles kept coming loose, or I just got too tired each time. One time I fixed the goggles and started to just rest then decided what the heck, just keep going. So I must have rested a good 20 seconds between, but still got 2:30 as a time for 4 laps. I did improve the other times though, 1/2/4 = 0:18/0:48/2:30

I noticed that I don’t choke on the water while breathing anymore and taking a giant breath is easier. I had a little whoopdie-doo in my arm pull when trying to stay up a split second longer, it is very obvious cause I can see the vortexes of bubbles as my arm pulls through the water. This was killing the power in one of every 3 pulls. I sort of found the way to do it is pretend like you are a body builder that has to bend your elbows to keep them from rubbing the huge biceps on your side as you walk. This is the shape that your arms need to be in while swimming. The key to getting rid of the whoopdie-doo was to get the breathing done quicker then I don’t have to delay getting my head back down.  I just remember the article I linked to in my proper swimming technique post that talk about how your arms must be bent like this and it is certainly working for me. I made it down the length of the pool in 19 strokes.

Now I was watching a very fit woman swim some, she was doing the 4×50 medley for practice, at least 3 in a row without stopping as far as I could tell, while I was doing the 1×50 plus the 2 minutes of huffing and puffing between. It was incredible. Especially the butterfly, that is one stroke I won’t be trying any time soon. The thing I noticed was the flip turns. She was cutting out 6 yards of the swim by using the flip turnsand pushing off the wall. Her freestyle arm pulls were still taking somewhere in the 20’s. So I am very excited that I am swimming efficiently, I just don’t have the stamina to do it for long, but that will come.

I am obsessed with the darn clock while I am in the pool. I find I am waiting for the top of a minute all too often to time myself and that is just making me waste time I don’t need to waste. I am going to time myself once at each distance unless I screw something up and think I can do better. Then I will just swim without worrying about the clock the rest of the time. I am going to start practicing flip turns, they seem like they will take a bit of time to master though. But hey it will be fun to swallow and choke on all that water while I am learning.

The thing about my times for the laps I am swimming now is that I am not pushing off the wall when I start and when swimming multiple laps I grab the top of the wall with my hand and bring my feet up under me before starting off in the other direction. I guess I push off slightly but I am on top of the water starting my stroke immediately. By properly pushing off the wall I should be able to cut 5 yards off the distance and get the number of arm pulls down to somewhere near 15-16. I might start swimming another day of the week to get a little more practice in for a bit too. I really didn’t like being last out of the water with my last (and first) triathlon as I described in the story in one of my first posts. I want to swim better so I don’t look like an injured mamal while swimming.

Here is a site with a bunch of videos with training techinques, it also has an open turn for the natural first step in learning how to turn.


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