Compelling Urges

I have been having these urges lately. I have not been acting on all of them but I did today at lunch. I can hardly believe it. It makes me think this weight lifting thing is really, really, well….   good for me.  The urge is, of course, the desire to spontaneously and without planning (aren’t those the same thing) to go and workout. I did my mile test on the treadmill and broke the 12 minute mark (11:53). I then finished off with another mile to cool down and got just over a two mile workout in while my food was heated in the microwave and then cooled down to perfection. By the way my shins did not hurt this time I think I was running a bit more smoothly which has to be better for me.

I guess I have to confess that once this weekend I was going upstairs to get a refill on my coffee and got this giant urge as well. So I headed back down and then back up and then I started going faster and before I knew it I had winded myself and climbed up and down 12 flights of stairs to go get that cup of coffee. Now 12 flights is not that big of a deal, but it isn’t all that tough to do either. Maybe I start doing it multiple times a day and who knows what will happen.

So am I a freak of nature here? Does anyone else get these urges when they workout, to workout more? I know the only urges I get when I diet take several days to undo. These workout ones are much better as it gives you a good feeling after you are done instead of one where you worry about what you did wrong.

I can’t wait for the day when I think to myself…. “Gosh I wish there were another hour in the day so I could go run 5 more miles on the treadmill, the first 5 just weren’t enough”…


OK I need a topic for this Friday Science entry. Please leave a suggestion or vote for ones already there if you want a little research. If left to my own devices I will probably have to make a few comments on superfoods.


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