Vacation Workouts

I am going on vacation. I will take my bike and finally get in some work on it. I have mapped out a 17 mile route which is from where I am staying to a state park, so it’s 34 miles if I am going alone. My wife is going to be driving the kids to the park a lot I think… cause 34 miles sounds like a lot.

I will probably have Internet, but if not… you’ll know why I am missing.

I plan to keep working out and will make an effort to eat healthy, I should be ready for a south beach diet phase 1 stint by the time I get back. I want to blitz the 200 pound mark and knock it on it’s ass on my way through.

So I was admiring myself yesterday. I guess I am not picky… I don’t remember quite how it happened, but I flexed my bicep muscle while grabbing something and was looking in that direction and it caught my attention. Now to be sure it still has some padding (you know, blubber) around it but I tell you it is amazing to see that there is actually a muscle in there. I was shocked. It’s like looking in the mirror and seeing green hair, or picking up a glass of milk and drinking and almost spitting it out cause it is actually water. I will look at myself in the mirror one day and wonder who put the muscle halloween suit on me. I can’t believe how fast all this stuff makes a difference. I can do the 35 lb arm curl through both sets of 15 now.


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2 Responses to “Vacation Workouts”

  1. stalker20 Says:

    What kind of exercises have you been able to do on vacation besides biking? Pushups.. situps??

  2. brianthinagain Says:

    Well, I actually haven’t left yet, but there is a pool there, so I will try to do some swimming. They claim to have an olympic size pool so I don’t know what else it is good for but to swim laps or use the diving boards if they have them. As well it should be easy to do walking and running if I decide to, treadmill or not.

    One thing I have not tried is but heard about on a podcast is resistance band workouts. I might be giving them a try in the future.

    It makes for a good workout and is easy to bring along the equipment.

    Here is a video library of the guy on the podcast to check out how to do some of it to see if it seems like it would be fun:

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