Swimming and Biking on Vacation

I finally got to the triathlon training for the bike. I don’t think I need so much of that which is why I am working so much on swimming. I did the full 12 miles which is the length of my sprint triathlon. I did it in 47:25. I got a bike computer which is really handy to tell how far, fast, and long and all at the touch of a button.  The course was flat with only a 2-3 changes of elevation more than 40 ft. This is an average speed of just over 15 mph, so I am very happy with this result. I can do the same anytime as it was no extraordinary feet or endurance for me. The bike is my best leg, I still need to get up to the running distance.

The factor that makes the bike the easiest is that I go out 6 miles and then back. The first 3 and 6 miles are very easy and once you get there you have no option but to ride back. You might ebb and flow on the enthusiasm for going all out, but there is nothing to do but keep going. The second wind eventually comes and you are off again. The swimming pool laps and the treadmill test the will more; a whole lot more. I need to find a good spot to run 1.5 miles so I can “stick” myself the same way. I just need enough willpower and energy to get myself half way there.

I managed to swim 3 times this week. I started tracking my time to get to 500 yards total, then I do 100 more as my timed 100. I am going to quit timing the other distances, as they just are too short to help me. I need to know how long it takes me to do 500 yards and how tired I am when done. Busting my lungs for a good time on 25 and 50 yards just does so little good at this point, cause I can’t keep up my swimming any longer at my slower pace anywayif I try to swim farther which is difficult enough. So I still rest between pairs of laps but it is for a lot shorter time with the clock ticking. I find that I switch to the back stroke occasionally just to keep moving while I breathe. I finished my swimming in 26 minutes, 19:30 and 20:15 for the three times.  

As for the flip turn, yeah right. I can’t even do the open turn correctly cause I am too tired when I get to the wall. The same link at the bottom of my post on swimming technique shows the proper open turn as well as the flip turn and other swimming instructional videos.


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