Get Fit Fast

I figured out the meaning of life.

Well, ok not the meaning of life, the meaning of becoming fit.

Well ok, not the meaning, one aspect of it.

Well, ok, it’s a little aspect…

I figured out how to jump start getting fit. I have been at this about 5 weeks now and have some pointers for anyone that wants to lose weight and get fit.

It’s all about the workout clothes. That is right, nothing like sporting a polyester “stay-dri” sport shirt, and compression shorts with a sculptured pouch. I am not making this up, I put this stuff on and I feel like I should be moving and shaking. Now I didn’t make the sculptured pouch thing up, although that is the pair of underwear I wear. They actually avertise this on the box. So all I can say is, yes, the sculptured pouch works for me. I would be terribly embarrased to go out like this in public though, so I wear another pair of normal shorts over the compression ones.

So, my tip, is to go out and buy 3-4 pairs of compression shorts and “stay-dri” sport shirts, along with a gym bag and other equipment you may need. Maybe a triathlon watch, a heart rate monitor, a bike computer, a nice pair of goggles. I had some stuff and then bought more as I started working out consistantly and needed more clothes to have clean ones available. (Yeah there were a few tough days in there with the “stinky-dri” clothes.)

If you are the type of person that feels bad about wasting a little money then this may even motivate you to keep it up longer. I remember that NOVA marathon challenge program where they took a group of motivated slackers and made them train and run a marathon. Yes, 5 weeks ago I was a slacker too, so I use the term endearingly. The thing I rememebr most about them is the workouts that got increasing longer fast and their body just sort of adapted. They all measured their VO2Max, which is basically a measure of how much oxygen you can get into your blood per period of time as you breath while working out. It is better to get more as then you can exert yourself more. The VO2Max of the people in the program was all over the board, but after a lot of workouts and another test they all tested vastly improved to the best or second best levels. You force your body to run and it will just improve itself in this aspect.

So I can tell that my VO2Max is improving. I went to the YMCA on friday when we got back from the vacation and did 2 miles on the treadmill and then swam 600 yards. The whole ordeal was a piece of cake and I did not walk out of the gym with “Jello-leg-syndrome”. I swim a pair of laps and have the strong urge to rest before doing 2 more, but on this day I was able to do a few groups of 4 and add a lap or two of the backstroke instead of just stopping between the time when I did two laps fast. I have posted my best times yet, 18:10 on Friday and 15:15 on Saturday for 500 yards, then I rest and do 100 more timed which is now down to a best of 2:01. The thing about the swimming is I still can’t do a slow pace (too long between breaths gets me out of my groove), so I am going all out more than I should which I think is going to help me once I get that darn VO2Max high enough to let me just keep going. I am thinking I will have another improvement when I run my mile this week. I also want to get a time for 3 miles, then I can start with a totalally unrealistic best time for my triathlon as I will be doing each exercise to the full distance of the sprint-distance triathlon, just not all at once and without transition times.


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One Response to “Get Fit Fast”

  1. MizFit Says:

    time for breakfast.

    while I really enjoyed this post I got tripped up on PIECE OF CAKE and JELLO LEG.

    must. get. food.

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