Weight Training Progress

Here is a list of the weight training, and how it has changed from the first time I did it 5 weeks ago, I do 2 sets of 15 reps for everything. One thing I have done is to rest a bit less time in between like 30-45 seconds max and do the weights a little faster. I still try to stay in control of the weight and not to “throw” it through the zone where it might be harder cause that makes it less useful I think. The first weight is what I started with 5 weeks ago and the second number is, well about an hour and a half ago:

  • Leg press           100 – 115
  • Leg curl              40 – 60
  • Leg Extension    40 -55 
  • Abdominal          40 – 100
  • Abductor            60 – 85 
  • Adductor            70 – 80 
  • Back Extension    65 – 100 
  • Rear Delt             55 – 80 
  • Peck Fly              55 – 80 
  • Chest press        30 – 60
  • Lateral Raise       30 – 35
  • Lateral Pulldown 70 – 90
  • Shoulder press    30 – 40
  • Seated Row          40 -70
  • Seated Dip           65 – 100
  • Arm Curl             30 -37.5 

TOTAL            820 – 1187.5    = 45% average increase in 5 weeks. You got to love testosterone’s usefulness in building muscles.

I also walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes instead of 20 to warm up, today I did 2 miles walking at 4.1 mph, something I would not have been able to do before. I also forgot my phone today, (bad weight lifter, bad treadmiller, bad blogger), so I could not take a picture of my warmup heart rate. On the picture above I stuck the 105 bpm on there well today it was 96, yeah 96 amazing huh? I told you my VO2Max was improving. I almost feel like I am cheating with the first 5 minutes of walking so slow, but I want to get this measurement each time to watch it improve. I will take my phone with me Thursday to snap it and update my banner.

On a bad note, my wife sent the MP3 player through the wash a few days ago. Yeah I guess the theory goes that it was my fault for leaving it in the pocket. No worries though, it just means I get to go buy a new toy. It has become a necessity for me and I can feel the difference when doing the treadmill not having the music makes it a little tougher.



2 Responses to “Weight Training Progress”

  1. Jill Says:

    I love buying new toys!!

    It’s funny because I am the one in the family who is “technologically gifted” in our household. The hubs has no idea what an mp3 player is, so I”m always the one who wants a new electronic gadget. I love that new gadget smell!!

    Great job on all your progress!!

  2. brianthinagain Says:

    Thanks Jill,

    There is one thing I hate about the new gadgets… You can hardly believe that statement can you, I know, me too.

    The fact that you need a giant razor sharp knife to get through the anti-theft plastic packaging.

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