Biking and Ellipticating

I did another serious workout today. Started on the elliptical for 30 minutes and did 410 calories, while keeping the strides per minute up around 140. Again it was the interval setting, with resistance of 8 and 12. It was a good sweaty event that seems to me like it should be called ellipticating since it isn’t really running. 

My wife got a terrible side ache just after we started the weights so we came home before we were done. Once we decided she was actually ok, I went for a bike ride to finish the day. I live on a hill so it isn’t the right course for my race. I had to ride up to the top where there is a plateau and zig zag all over the place to add it all up to 12 miles. With so many hills it is a little tougher. I did the ride in 48:25 which is exactly one minute longer than the flat ride I did on vacation. But this was less than an hour after the other workout. I did an hour and 18 minutes of very tough heart rate over 140-150 aerobic working out tonight. This is actually getting close to how much time I will be spending on the course during my triathlon so I am excited I can do so much now.

I averaged just under 15 mph and I found a website calculator that seems to give you some high numbers for things, so I like it. This website says a bike ride of 14-16 mph burns 1032 calories an hour for a clydesdale such as myself anyway, which is just over 800 for the 48 minutes. It also says the elliptical is 1109, but the precor was only telling me it was around 900. I think the bike is a bit more, not less, as the wind helps cool you down and let’s you go at it just a teency bit harder. Another website is very near 1000 if you extrapolate to my weight. The funny thing about this one is all the various descriptions of the exersion on the bike. So apparently, I am not racing, I am only doing vigorous exercise. I don’t qualify as racing until I hit 16 mph. I guess this explains why I will be finishing in last place for the men.

My stevivia showed up today so I am going to go make my “famous” chai tea. Famous in my own mind, I just love the stuff. So I gotta run now.


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2 Responses to “Biking and Ellipticating”

  1. MizFit Says:

    famous in your mind 🙂

    hows the wife today? what was up with the ache??

  2. brianthinagain Says:

    Well the ache, hmm, she had this look on her face like we needed to rush to the hospital. She walked around for a bit and got so uncomfortable she just couldn’t take it. She walked very slowly to the car and could hardly sit.

    The problem was not having a clue what was wrong. So when I made the comment that a large percentage of hospital emergency room visits are related to indegestion or gas, and that if fiber and dehyrdration are involved it can feel pretty bad like something is very wrong she all of a sudden quit thinking that her kidney was falling out. By the time we were 5 minutes down the road she just wanted to go home, and within an hour the pain was gone completely. So she thinks it was gas.

    One thing I noticed was she was really going all out on the elliptical machine. She was going faster than me to the tune of about 150 strides per minute so I think it may have been coupled with a regular old fashioned side ache to make it that much worse. She is fine now though I doubt she will get on the elliptical again with so much enthusiasm. It is way too easy to get carried away on that thing for some reason.

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