South Beach Diet – Day 2

South Beach Diet Day 2 weigh in

I did not start on Saturday, we had an event to attend and decided to make it the last day to eat up some last bit of fruit lying around. Oh, and there was this piece of cheesecake, Margarita’s yeah they were invited too. I have a lingering feeling there was more, but to read it might be torture. My Sunday weigh in was 218.6 which is going to be my official SBD starting weight. This is two pounds more than the start of the fitness plan 7 weeks ago. Well, have no fear, this was mostly due to poor eating from the knowledge we were slapping on the cuffs over the weekend. And, my weigh in this morning was 216.6, so apparently it wasn’t that much badness. I think I will hit 210 before the end of week 1, just based on how quickly it went last time I started the SBD. I was initially concerned the working out would keep the weight up. It certainly has lately every day I work out hard I seem to weigh slightly more the next morning and then following the rest day go back to where I was. So I worked out about as hard as I have yet yesterday and still got the giant weight loss boost with the SBD so now I am thinking it is going to drop off faster not slower with the working out. My only concern left is how tired this is going to make me. We shall see.


We did not do all the exercise on Saturday, so I just did the 600 yards swimming. We got there late and had that event to attend. I seriously worked out good yesterday to make up for missing on Sunday. I did 800 yards swimming, 12 laps in groups of 4 and 20 in groups of 2. I was swimming each pair of laps in 1 minute and then resting between. I tried various techniques and watched how other people were swimming. There was this girl, on some swim team, that was practicing. She was changing her breathing patterns instead of 3-3-3-3 like anyplace that talks about it says you should do, she was tossing in a 2 here and there, and the longer the swimming got the more twos. So This is my first evidence that I am not just some sort of a aberration and this breathing thing might get to others as well. I was able to do the groups of four only because I tried to breath on the same side more. I get real tired and was even having trouble switching back to the other side so it was 3-2-2-3-2-2-2 which is just about enough to get from one end of the pool to the other. It takes more concentration on the arm pulls to make sure that the breathing doesn’t screw them up and waste energy. I count between 19 and 21 pulls for each length and am pushing off underwater to right where the flags sit for the backstroke warning that the wall is coming. I think I will start adding some groups of 6 in next time and breath as often as I need. I need to average 30-33-36-39-42-or 45 seconds a lap to get 10-15 minutes time for 500 yards. I am swimming almost all of my laps at 25-30 seconds, but then I need rest. If I breath more but swim slower I might be able to get myself to slow down to say 39 or 42 seconds and then not need to rest. The most efficient way to do the exercise is to use a steady pace, so with the race in less than 3 weeks now I had better start practicing this. It sure seems like dropping the time from 42 to 39 wouldn’t be a big deal but that drops you from 13 to 12 minutes over the 500 yards, so it is.  


I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and hit 3.5 miles at 41:40. I was doing the interval where the cross-ramp would raise itself up instead of the resistance getting harder. The whole time the resistance was on 8. So these miles were not just standard miles comparable to a flat run. These miles are just under 13 minutes, but then it is on the elliptical machine so who knows how this relates. I am planning on going out to a trail and marking off 1.75 miles with my bike then doing it to see how running on the street compares to all this practicing on the treadmill and elliptical trainer. I seriously hope it is going to be easier. I have always been using the treadmill with a slope and the elliptical at a high resistance so that it would be. I will be bummed out if I failed to make it hard enough to simulate the street.


So After 600 yards Saturday and 800 yards of swimming Sunday and 4.25 miles on the elliptical after the cool down period was added, what is a guy to do? Jump right into the weights of course. This was, as you might imagine, brutal. I did the leg exercises, and felt the pain in my arms from all the swimming the last two days and figured I would let them off the hook. The whole workout Sunday was just around 1100 calories. 400-660-100 for the swimming-elliptical-weights. If I skipped the weights and added a bike ride, and reduced the swimming distance I would be doing the triathlon and burning about 1650 calories, 250-800-600. I am to the point where I can do the whole thing without some gargantuan effort. I can do each exercise to the length of the race or more and have energy left to do more. The hardest part will be running right after getting off the bike. I think I will do that soon just to see how bad it really is.


I did not sweeten the tea correctly cause it tasted like diet tea with the steviva powder. At first I thought it was the stevia, but I rememebr having trouble in the begining when making up the recipe. Chai tea has so many spices you absolutely have to sweeten it enough or it tastes terrible. When I finally realized I had the recipe down except for enough sugar it seemed like I was adding too much. I would never add 3 teaspoons of sugar to a cup of coffee so it seemed like too much. I tried the Zevia soft drink and am not happy with the taste of the cola, the orange is better but still. I made oatmeal, with the steel cut oats one day and it sucked as well. I did try another shot at the oatmeal and chai tea with and managed to make it taste better so I should be able to figure it out once I get another couple of cracks at it. I did not try it for any baking yet and now can’t for a couple of weeks until I get to phase 2.

Overall it is very sweet and does not have all that much aftertaste but enough to tell that it is not sugar. I tried it the first day when I got back from my bike ride. I was opening the package and dug out the teeny tiny spoon to measure servings. I got powder all over and decided to taste it straight. It was intensely sweet and had an aftertaste in a large portion. You know how your lips get that filmy sticky layer on them when you work out hard and start to dehydrate, well that is how I was when I tasted the stevia and the power got all over my lips. Over the next couple hours I kept getting a sweet taste when I licked my lips. It was like a sweet ghost was visiting me cause all of a sudden sweetness BAM for no reason. It was kind of cool. It was such a small amount there was no aftertaste. This leads me to believe that some company will be adding stevia to their lip balm soon. That will be good stuff.

So don’t take my complaining of an aftertaste too strongly. I can’t say that I have tried it recently but taking a spoonful of granulated sugar and popping it in my mouth would probably result in me complaining in one way or another too. It is just a detectable difference, nothing to get too excited about. I can also taste a difference in brown sugar. I will keep reporting when I find a useful way to use the stuff.


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