South Beach Diet Phase 1 – Example Meals

South Beach Diet Day 3

I am down to 214.6, from 216.6 and 218.6 the first two days. I can already feel a difference. Since I have been doing the working out for 7 weeks now I don’t know how much, but I do know I exchanged some of my fat for muscle. It wasn’t too obvious though, just a sense that I was stronger and had more muscle definition. Now after just 2 days and a breakfast south beach diet style I feel like something is up. My waist is already starting to go cause I was able to wear these shorts that had been too tight for anything but 210 and under before I started the weight training and workouts. But last night I was able to slip them off without unbuttoning them. That is always a good way for me to tell cause it is the first sign I will need a belt to wear those shorts if I keep going. And since I bought those shorts something like 2-3 years ago I have never needed a belt even when I got down to the 195 neighborhood last year on south beach diet.

I have the strong feeling I am doing things right this time. There is one little problem though. Lately I have been having a sore back, I think I have not been stretching enough and those muscles that just got worked out start to yank and pull on my poor back as they stiffen. I have a set of exercise I can do I just tend to be a little lazy about actually doing them. The main thing that helps the most is to stretch my hamstring by putting my ankle on my knee, and move to a sitting position while bending forward. Much like if you were sitting in a chair and bent down to pick something up. Except there is no chair and you have to balance on the one foot. It stretches the back and side of the leg and that is the main muscle that yanks on my back to make my lower back sore. I do this a couple of times a day and it is starting to improve.

I wish I had the time and money to just head down to get a massage every other day. That would be nice. Oh, what the heck, every day.

A Day on the South Beach Diet

So for those that don’t know much about the South Beach Diet I thought I would show what I ate for a day.

Breakfast 7:15

  • two egg omelet with 4 small slices lean lunch meat ham and low fat cheese grated and melted on top
  • coffee, big cup so it had about 3 T of half and half, (Today I tried unsweetened almond breeze instead with a little bit of stevia, I will try unsweetened soy later. The half and half is not allowed unless it is fat free to remove the saturated fats. The problem is that I drink 3-4 cups a day and like to use a lot of cream but it adds up to nearly a cup by the end of the day so I need to find a way to cut out this silent and hidden huge bunch of calories.)

Snack 10:30

  • cheese stick

Lunch 12:45

  •  4 or 5 oz chicken breast grilled (extra from the night before) wrapped in 6 small slices of lean ham lunch meat and 1 slice worth of shredded cheese, all warmed up in the microwave.

snack 3:45

  • 15 or so peanuts (I eat the ones in the shell so it takes a bit of time and it seems to be more satisfying than just getting a handfiull out of a jar that could be slammed in and chewed up in two mouthfuls but would leave you wanting for more, I just eat these while I work so what I am doing sidetracks me right after, I am not too hungry at this point anyway so it is easy to stop)

Dinner 7:00

  • stir fry vegetables cooked in olive oil mixed with cut up peppered steak. (some of the veggies may not be allowed but they are there in such small portions that as a whole the vegetables qualify as acceptable)
  • 1 1/2 oz smoked gouda sliced up (this was good with the stir fry, although it was not a low fat version and should have been, we are not fully stocked for this diet yet and have a few things left to eat that are not optimal but will do)

Snack 9:45

  • 5 slices of the lean ham lunch meat wrapped up with green leaf lettuce and smeared with low fat creamy swiss and seasoned with pepper and mrs dash (what a difference from my usual night time snacks I got to say)


A quick estimate, I am feeling to lazy to look at labels right now, is about 1800 calories for the day. Although that would be considered a restriction, I ate when I was hungry and even when I wasn’t for the day time snacks. That is how the diet works though is you lose the cravings and feel full longer since your body takes more time to digest the fat.

I drink way too much cream in my coffee, I didn’t even really realize this until I pondered it while writing about it. If I have 3 cups (oversized thermos cups usually) I wind up with about 3T in each cup of half and half. That is over a cup of half and half a day. That stuff is bad cause you don’t even count it in you diet, it is just thought of as a condiment. But it adds up over the day. I will experiment with the soy and almond stuff to see if I can come up with a tasty alternative.

We need to buy a few more vegetables to eat, brocoli is one of our favorites. I think I want to get some spinach into our morning eggs, it is easy and tasty to add and there is no way I can get enough vegetables if I just eat them one meal a day. When I get lazy this diet becomes the meat and cheese diet for me. It is kind of nice that I am not technically cheating, that is the weight will still come off, but I need to get the veggies in there. I do take supplements too,

Every day (that I remember to anyway which is more like 5 times a week):

  • multi-vitamin
  • vitain B&C combo that has way more than FDA requirement
  • ginseng

Three times a week or when I want what they promise

  • fish oil capsule
  • calcium
  • ginko biloba
  • echinacea and goldenseal combo

Usually what happens is I spend a little time in the vitamin isle reading about the supplements and seeing what they supposedly do. Then I take them for that, for example when anyone in the house is sick I start taking the echinacea to “boost my immune system” as the label suggests. Although some of these supplements have little evidence to support they work, in moderation they are likely to be fine and I get the placebo bennefit if they don’t work.

I think I will post another phase one day next week once we have all the stuff in our cupboards to make the best meals possible. I am trying to figure out a delicious baked dessert which will really be a good night time snack. It will of course feature stevia as the sweetener and probably contain eggs and ricotta cheese. Some sort of a custard.


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  1. MizFit Says:

    you lost me at the mere USE of the word massage….Im so with you there (GLAD SB IS GOING WELL!)

  2. aybi Says:

    thanks for this information!

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