South Beach Phase 2

My wife and I were both really starting to drag, and there is no way we both were getting just the same amount of sickness that it slowed us down but didn’t actually make us sick. It had to be the South Beach Diet Phase 1. Some days I could do a great workout and others I couldn’t. Last Saturday I started my normal workout routine with the swimming first. I could not do any better than 15:30 for the 500 yards, which is way off the pace I had gotten the week before by 2 and a half minutes. Then I could not keep up any pace on the elliptical and I had to cut it short from lack of caring. I was beat. After that we decided to start a special phase 2. This is where we add two carbs per day but otherwise follow phase 1. This should give us more energy to workout. One will be a fruit and the other a whole grain something. So we started on Sunday with a whole wheat hot dog bun, and a beer. Yeah, sue me, I thouroughly enjoyed it and it was a light low carb beer.

My Sunday morning weigh in was 211.2, so the week saw me drop 8.4 pounds. Monday weigh in was two pounds higher and Tuesday was another pound. I think the South beach diet starts off with water weight, cause I didn’t overeat Sunday. I may have gone a little heavy on the cashews Monday but I certainly didn’t eat any more than I should be burning off in a day, like something around 2000 calories. I have been very busy at work lately and when that happens we tend to get in a rut and have trouble with meals, they are a trip to the fridge instead of a prepared thing which means we don’t do as well. This is going to be difficult in the coming weeks too.

I swam 1000 yards today. I have been watching the Olympics and trying to get some tips. The distance I am trying to swim is 25% more than the 400 meter race. These Olympians can do it in a 50 meter pool in roughly 4 minutes. That would be 15 seconds a lap in my pool. So they would take 5 minutes to do the 500 yards, so now I have an upper limit to shoot for that I will not be able to beat.

One thing that upsets me is that I read online somewhere that you are supposed to breath on alternate sides. Not one of those Olympians do that. They breathe every other stroke and only switch if they need to take a peak on the other side to see if anyone is catching them in the early qualifying heats where they just need to move on. So the fact that I cannot go all out and alternate sides is not a big deal, they don’t either. Maybe on long distances, I have not watched those yet. I am looking forward to the 800 meter races to see about that.

Another thing the Olypians don’t do is take 11 strokes to get down the pool. I read that online and someone also told me that, so I am going to look into it more when I get some time. Their pool is twice as long, so it would be 22 strokes, but they are all going over that. Again maybe in the longer races, but not in the 400 meter and below. I counted some of the women taking 36 strokes. The first length is always better since they dive in, but there is that red line in the middle of the pool where it is easy to start counting and see how many strokes it takes once they are swimming before they get to the wall. This number was 16-20 for the women and I don’t rememebr counting one better than 14 for the men. So either they are just turning over their arms faster than they need to since it is a sprint and what do Olympians have but a little extra in the tank for just such a reason, or the 11 is a bunch of poppy cosh.

When I did my swimming I found that it was very difficult to swim and breath on one side cause my feet were sinking more with my head spending more time up out of the water. I got better times for 50 yards when I tossed in a couple of switches to each side or really concentrated on keeping my head down and breathing on the side trying not to lift it. Taking a leisurely pace down the pool and breathing on one side gets me just as tired because I lose all this efficiency I have been working on. So I just don’t know what I am going to do.

One thing I learned watching the Olympics is the back stroke is easier than I thought to get moving fast. It is a little more to the side than straight down like I thought it was. There is also the same deal like with freestyle where you keep your forearm vertical as long as you can. They do this motion like you were trying to wipe a bunch of water off a table top with your forearm, keeping it straight to sweep as wide a path as possible. I was able to do 50 yards in 1:08 where the old way I was doing it I couldn’t beat 1:30. Now on the down side I get just as tired as if I was doing freestyle, so it isn’t like it is a break down the pool, I got my head out and can breath the whole time so it allows me to over do it like sprinting. At least I have the efficiency down if I want to take it a little easier and actually rest I will get some and still can hold a 13 minute pace. I signed up for the triathlon and they make you estimate how long it will take, that is what I put, 13 minutes, so I got a little more work to do to even out my swimming and do it all at the same pace. I think they make you swim in a lane with people that swim at about the same pace, so all the wrestling around to get your space around you to swim is probably going to slow me down and drink lots of pool water. We shall see.


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