Triathlon – 1 Week To Go

The time has come. I will be racing Saturday, ready or not.

Last Saturday I did a workout that is approaching the amount I will do in the event. I did 1200 yards swimming and 3.5 miles on the treadmill. The first 500 yards swimming was 11:40, my new best time, and the treadmill was less than 5 minutes between, so it was like a real transition without much rest. I did my first mile just under 11 minutes and the total for 3 miles was 36:40, again my best time. (The half mile at the end was cool down). And of course this was after my 1200 yards swimming. Now the extra 700 yards is nothing like 12 miles on a bike, but the bike is the easy part for me anyway. I did not stop at all the first 500, and I did the extra 700 in groups of 100 and 200 after that, and the time I rest between sets is getting to be well under a minute. I think this interval training method makes it a tough workout, but it sure makes for quick improvements. Sunday and Monday both had me reaching for ibuprophen in the morning, so you know it was a fierce workout.

I want to get one more bike ride in and a couple more swims this week. I plan to shorten them up to the 500 yards and then do some treadmill. Oh and I wanted to run outside at least once. I got a blister on my foot during the treadmill Saturday, so I need to tape up the rough spot on the shoe or get a new pair. I am just asking for it huh? I also want to go check out the course, maybe I will do my bike ride there. I do want to be rested so I need to make a point to take thursday and friday off.

I will swim today at lunch and wednesday evening. I will bike tomorrow morning. I will run tonight or tomorrow night. I will shop for some new workout gear Thursday, maybe a new pair of shoes and check out heart rate monitors, I need a new water bottle and some hammer gel for the bike portion and some sort of carbo drink. These are things that are not in my house and are only being used to keep my energy up during the race. Then I will eat whole wheat pasta Friday for dinner and be ready to go Saturday morning for personal bests in all three categories. I will be eating a breakfast at 6 am of a scrambled egg with a small amount of lean meat with spinach, my vitamins, and some apple juice mixed with plain yogurt and bluberries. I will then drink coffee to get a caffiene boost and a little swig of endurance drink about 10 minutes before the race which starts at 8am. I am going to make my wife time me for each leg plus the transitions cause the race does not use the chip technology to do it all automatically.

By the way it is after lunch now (I write slow) and my 500 yard swim was hard, it took 12:40. That definitely confirms that I need two rest days after a hard workout. I hope the pool is not too crowded during the race so when I switch to the backstroke to get a little rest I don’t start crashing into people. I may need to use the side stroke instead, which is a pretty weak stroke so hopefully that won’t happen.


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