Running on a Treadmill vs. The Road

So I ran 1 mile on a paved trail and blew out my best time. I mean like obliterated it. I have no clue why, I would have thought it would be harder to do even the same. So it made me look into it. Sure enough it is supposed to be harder. Now to be sure I was huffing, but I didn’t stop, I just kept going and got 1 mile in 9:20. This is better by a minute and a half. Now I always did swimming before and some of the time I was on a 2% incline, but sheesh, I wouldn’t have thought it would improve that much. I don’t know how long it would take to do 3 miles, it was getting dark and I had to stop. I could not have kept that pace which maybe since I was just setting the treadmill at a certain pace I just thought I couldn’t do better, and also knew I was going to have to do another two miles while today I pushed it knowing that it was dark and time to stop.

We were at the park and I had marked out a 1/4 and 1/2 mile distance using my bike computer so my daughter could practice for her kids triathlon. She is 6, so she swims 67 yards, bikes a mile, and runs half a mile. So with the marks we went out and back 1/2 mile on the bike then ran 1/4 out and back. She is going to finish her race in about 15 minutes plus transtition times, which I imagine will be quite slow cause we are just encouraging her to do this for fun. I was really only making sure that she could go a mile on the bike and a half mile run without getting too tired. I think she could easily do a lot more so this is perfect. No sense in her feeling any pain yet, I want her to feel a great sense of accomplishement. She tells people she is going to do a triathlon and they are just dumbfounded, once she tells them she did it and has a shirt to prove it I think that will give her a good dose of pride.

So I ran along side her and it was very easy pace for me but it turned out it was just 50 seconds off my best mile time even though it was only half a mile. I was a little shocked cause I felt like I was not going fast at all. Then later when she went to the playground and I did my mile, I ran like I felt it should hurt and this is when I did the 9:20. I found this link to show equivalent times on a treadmill versus flat road based on effort. According to my best time of 5.5 mph on a 2% incline it says I should run the mile on a flat road in 10:10 (5.5 mph 2% incline is in the middle of 5.4 and 5.6 values of 10:00 and 10:20). But when I did the same speed, 5.5 mph on 0% it says that would be like running a 11:18 mile if you interpolate. That swimming before made me a lot more tired than I thought.

This new best time is a 6.4 mph pace. I never get the treadmill up over 6.1 or 6.2 when I am feeling frisky and now I run a whole mile above that pace. I am just stunned. I will definitely measure the distance again sometime, but I am pretty sure I did it right.


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2 Responses to “Running on a Treadmill vs. The Road”

  1. MizFit Says:

    you lost me on the fact shes doing a kids tri 🙂

    VERY COOL and youre a great role model, brian.

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