New Goals

So I started my quest online here about 10 weeks ago. My goals were stated in my first post and below. They are still my goals, but one of them was a milestone and I just hit it so now I need to replace it. Before moving onward I have to now consider how far I have come. 

  1. Lose weight,
  2. OK, this is one that is at odds with strength training. I know I have more muscle, so the loss, little as it is, is actually a bit impressive. I am down to 213.0 pounds this morning. If you count from the begining of the 10 weeks where I was 216.2, I have lost 3.2 pounds. A third of a pound a week is nothing to bring in fans of your method, but it could be 16 pounds if I did the same thing for a year, so it is not insignificant. It will be in fits and spurts though. for example I lost around 8 pounds while doing the phase 1 South Beach Diet week. I gained 3 pounds before and 2 pounds after to be where I am now. I suppose I could get myself all whipped into a froth about strength training and become 205 pounds and in perfect shape, but this is not likely to happen so I think I will try and put a little more emphasis on the next two for the time being.

  3. get rid of excess fat,
  4. This one is not something I am directly measuring. Not that I couldn’t do the fat caliper thing, I just don’t like the idea of being pulled and prodded. I wish there were a way to easily measure this, cause the measuring tape doesn’t really work for me either. You need to get so far along to see the tiniest movement. I am just going by my clothes fit and how I look in the mirror I guess. There is definitely improvement going on. All of my shorts that fit at the begining of the 10 weeks now require a belt or they fall off. 

  5. become fit,
  6. This is of course where I made some great gains. I ran a 9:20 mile, I can swim 100 yards in 1:48, I can ride my hybrid mountain bike at 15.6 mph average for 11.4 miles in a triathlon.  I lifted all the weight I could for all the different weight machines and then over the course of 7 weeks got about 50% gain in what I can lift. I try any of this ten weeks ago and I can’t come close. I am truly leaps and bounds ahead of where I was. And there are many leaps and bounds to go, I am no where near any limits that will slow the improvements down.

  7. compete in a sprint distance triathlon and finish with a respectable time,
  8. This is the milestone I reached that made me re-evaluate. I consider 1:41 respectable. Maybe it wasn’t respectable to the people I overheard asking incredulously if there were still people out on the course, but to anyone else it certainly is.

  9. inspire my kids (and anyone that happens to become inspired) by my actions.
  10. The surface is hardly scratched. Ten weeks will not change anything, ten months hardly will. This is just the commitment to do it forever, ten years or so should make the desired impact, by then it will be a part of me.

So the long term goal will always be there, #5. It cannot ever go away or I will not succeed. The first three items can be reached, but they are long term. The fourth was a short term goal. I need some more short term goals now that I reached one. I think this race thing inspired me more than I would have on my own, so I am going to do more races. The season is nearing its end so I will have to train for next year now. I love the triathlon, so I will definitely do the two YMCA triathlons. I will have to consider others as well, I really want to do one with an open water swim. I can probably find and train for an Olympic distance one late next season. This will be a goal that I will let pass a year if I am not ready, by ready I mean that I can finish before they officially close the course. I would also like to find a single sport race for each event. Bloomsday will be my run, I have entered it many times over the years as a walker, once as a runner when I was 12. My goal will have to be to beat that time I set as a 12 year old of 1:20, which was about 10:40 miles. It is a 12k race which is about 7.5 miles and is in early May in Spokane. It is the largest timed road race in the world, there are somewhere around 50,000 participants if memory serves me correctly. It would be a shame to miss this big one. The swim will have to be the Long Bridge Swim, which is just over 2 miles and is in Sandpoint Idaho in early August. You guessed it there is a long bridge that you swim alongside rather than taking the easy road and driving it in your car. I will have to find a bike race, it will have to be a mountain bike trail if I don’t buy the road bike, cause I don’t want to have a huge equipment disadvantage on top of my “Clydesdale” status. I am looking into a triathlon training class they are doing at the YMCA, but still need to learn more. I will probably get a list of events from the others in the class that I can choose from. I will not likely figure it all out until next spring. I can still train to improve my time and endurance. I need some training milestones now.

My running goal will be to run an 8 minute mile and to run 5 miles without stopping at a pace of 10 minutes or better. My swimming goals will be to swim 500 yards in 10 minutes without stopping. I know I can swim this pace now, I just stop from being too tired, so this is a very realistic goal. I will have to bike the same triathlon course as long as the days are good. This way I can easily compare my results to the triathlon as well as become intimately familiar with the course for next year. It is a great place to ride. I think a pace of 16 mph would be something I could do now without the swim and run sandwich. So my goal would have to be in mph gains. 17, 18, 19, and of course 20. This would be a great pace for the hybrid bike. This would be basically improvements of about 2 minutes per mph or, 40:14, 38:00, 36:00, and 34:12 total times.

If I made all these improvements and factored in doing them all the same day, my time would be about 1:26. I don’t think it will be hard to beat this goal, none of the numbers are crazy improvements, as long as I continue to train. It would be a 15 minute improvement and put me near the middle of the pack.

I think the weight loss and fat loss goal can be tackled from another direction as well. Which is to eat well. I am going to continue to try and stay on phase 2 of the South Beach Diet, but my main emphasis will be to train so much that I can’t possibly eat more than I am burning. Eating healthy things just makes you eat less cause they are not as calorie dense and they fill you up. I feel like I burned calories this weekend with the intense workout, and I never got ravenously hungry. I just ate when it was time to eat and didn’t really crave the food. If crazy workouts do that to me then my eating will just take care of itself if I concentrate on the workouts and improvement goals.



One Response to “New Goals”

  1. MizFit Says:

    mine too.

    number five.

    starting with my own Toddler but now that I type that Im gonna also drag in the kids at the schools I visit.

    them too 🙂

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