High Intensity Interval Training

So after all together too much rest from the triathlon, I got back on my horse.

OK, I did do a 1200 yard swim one day but all the other days since the triathlon my plans to workout just ran out of legs. I was in Portland this weekend. We went to work out at the YMCA Saturday, and ironically many of the roads were closed that would have lead us to the YMCA. I had just looked at a google map but didn’t print out, so we got lost. [Don’t worry guys I never admitted it, I knew we were in Portland.] I say ironically because roads were closed for a triathlon and we didn’t find the YMCA because of that. So no workout.

I again had the brilliant plan last night to work out this morning. I set my alarm for 6, yuck. I have this plan often which typically leads me to a string of snoozes as long as the line at the DMV around lunchtime. Then to my surprise I actually got up. I did the high intensity interval thing. The stuff I talked about in the EPOC post. I did 5 minutes of warmup, then 1 min at 7 mph, then 1 min at 3.8, then I decided 7 mph was too much and did 6 mph for the rest until the last one at 13-14 minutes where I did 7 mph again. Then I cooled down from 14-20 minutes. That is only 5 intervals but the idea was to hit it hard for a short workout. I still went about 1.4 miles during that time, which probably isn’t all that much but still seems like a lot to me. Since it was only 20 minutes which was half warmup and cool down I guess it really wasn’t but it of course is more than the normal sleeping I do. I still plan to go to the YMCA tonight.


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One Response to “High Intensity Interval Training”

  1. MizFit Says:

    Im loving the HIIT.
    100% because of the shorter workouts…I wont lie 🙂

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