I swam 0.8523 miles

That is 1500 yards. I did it in sets of 100, 15 of them. It took me between 1:50 and 2:20 for each 100, then I rested for the rest of the third minute and took off again. Between each 500 I took another extra 30 seconds. I got done with 1200 and then decided to push it a little more. Then at 1300 I was thinking that is a bad number to stop on, then after 1400 I thought about how close I was to a nice round 1500. I considered doing another 300 to get the mile but my calf had been cramping and I didn’t think much good would come from it.

It is really weird how I start to get tired and I can feel my form not quite the same and I can feel that my legs are sinking and my body is slowing down and then it takes me 2-3 more strokes to finish the lap than the first one in the set of 4. Then after just 45 seconds of rest I can get back to the correct form for another 50 yards anyway until it starts to go again. I lean toward trying to sacrifice tiredness to keep the proper form, but it just doesn’t work all of the time.

The whole workout took 46 minutes which includes 15 minutes of resting and 31 minutes of swimming.

This morning I weighed in, 213.6, 0.4 pounds over the starting weight of the weekend, so another couple days of good eating and one more good workout and it will erase all that I did over the long weekend when I entered this strange space-time disturbance that made me forget I was on the south beach diet.



2 Responses to “I swam 0.8523 miles”

  1. Alexia Says:

    Ooh, I just committed to swimming 2.5 miles this month. I’m guessing it’s a 25 meter pool (have to check!), so I think I calculated that to be 160 laps. (Roll your eyes and correct me if that’s wrong…) Reading your post, it seems a lot more doable, now, though — for some reason, I was envisioning many hours of daily swimming for weeks on end (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  2. brianthinagain Says:

    Thanks for comment Alexia. One of the reasons I do this, besides inspiring myself by the shame of having to admit the bad things, is to help inspire others. I am glad you feel you can do it by reading my blog, and I am certain you can.

    I have some bad news for you though, it is actually 161 laps. (ok not a big deal.) And if the pool is 25 yards not meters, then it is 176 laps. (yeah big deal, so just ignore it for now until you get close)

    But this is good news for me on the off chance that my pool is measured in meters. I am going to break out the measuring tape asap. I know that yards are not meters, but I assumed they were close enough. But, indeed, they are not. If my pool is in meters I didn’t swim .8523 miles, I actually swam 0.9321 miles. That is what I get for carrying the digits out like that. Had I known I would have gone the extra bit to get the mile after all, 5 stinkin’ laps.

    Don’t be discouraged when you start out. I know I had a lot of trouble with the breathing, and although I still get the feeling my lungs will burst from the high intensity of the way I am training, I feel very comfortable with the breathing part. It took me 3-4 swims to get somewhat comfortable with the breathing. But then I never really swam that way except a bit as a kid.

    Good luck with your goal of completing the lazy man triathlon, it is a great idea. I am thinking I have done nearly enough training to be what, a third of the way done for an iron man triathlon. It sounds so much more immpressive that way, which of course it still is.

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