Eat, Workout, Repeat Until Thin

So it is official. My wife and I are going to change things up. The biggest loser is now the plan. She did the nutrisystem years ago and has been wanting me to do that with her – mainly for the portion control. We then saw an episode of the biggest loser where the couple won a month of food prepared for them by a chef. So we are going to do this on the cheap. We got a ton of little rubbermaid containers and we will be the chefs.

We got some new furniture for the TV room. The couch is off limits. We have the treadmill and elliptical side by side in front of the TV. We bought it at costco, I was surprised at the quality versus cost as compared to other stores. Anyone thinking about getting one should check out the one they got at Costco first if you find it hard to part with your money.

We have made a deal that we will do this for 2 weeks. That is prepare our meals and count the calories strictly. And workout at the YMCA like we have been and at home while (if) we watch TV at night. This should amount to workouts every day. If they can do it for 4-8 hours on the show each day at the ranch, then we sure can get it done for an hour or less every day.

The deal with the biggest loser plan is to attack both sides, that is eating less and burning more. You eat seven times your weight in calories each day and then workout as much as you can. You create the deficit from both sides of the equation. That is the only way to lose weight fast and healthy. Now I would hope that I can lose something like 10 pounds in this two week period. My wife is thinking 5. We are afraid to get our hopes up too high. So a little reality check with the math: 3500 calories is a pound of fat, my basal metabolic rate is about 2000 calories, I workout to the tune of about 700-900 calories per hour and plan to do 7 hours a week. For my wife her basal metabolic rate is 500 calories fewer, and she is eating 400 calories less than me. So the math for her is 100 calories a day from food and 100 to 200 for the workouts difference because of her weight being lower and her heart rate being lower during the workout. So the math is simple, 500 is the daily deficit from food and 800 from workout. 1300*14=5.2 pounds of fat for me in two weeks. This adds up to 4 pounds for her. I plan to keep a precise log for the two weeks. Another thing that might make the estimate a little low is the fact that basal metabolic rate is what we burn if we do nothing. Since we do stuff during the day besides lying in bed, we should actually burn more than for just the one hour of calories.

This is a lot of working out and calorie counting is difficult. To make it easier we are preparing everything the night before when we have a clear head and a calculator handy. The workouts are a lot easier after we saw an episode of the biggest loser and realized that it is just going to take hard work. We can either do it slow or fast. Since it all is going to get done one way or the other we might as well do it fast. More time to enjoy the thinness that we are bringing about. I am glad we have built a base level over the last few months so now ramping it up will not actually hurt as bad as it does for those that go to the ranch and start from nothing.

Here is a little tidbit to read, it sort of focuses on the eating side. I like how he describes the small pangs of hunger when he skips linch as the sensation you get when fat is evaporating. I don’t like the skipping the meal thing, but the end result is the same if you eat less all at once or throughout the day. His method just takes a little more will power.


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2 Responses to “Eat, Workout, Repeat Until Thin”

  1. Alexia Says:

    It all comes down to eat less, move more, doesn’t it 🙂 Sounds like you have a strategy. And you deserve to have lost 5# for doing all that math! heehee But seriously, I have a ton of little containers and, when I use them, they work great — I do best when I prepare ahead of time.

  2. Cindy Says:

    And some tips to share:


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