Biggest Loser Diet/Workout – Day 1

OK, the results are in for my first day. I was surprisingly well fed. I ate a bunch of “all natural” foods that filled me up. What this really means is that I ate , drum roll please, 1.5 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables. I found myself out of day but not out of calories. The diet calls for me to eat 1505, but I only made it to 1290. So my defecit for the day was 720 calories.

The workout was on the lighter side at about 300 calories, so my deficit was 1020 calories. My weigh in which will of course include water losses as well was 210.8, down from 213.6. There will likely be another day including water losses with all the bad stuff I ate on my 4-day trip for work last week. I should have a nice weekly weigh in befitting a biggest loser come end of the week.

I want a larger deficit from working out so today I will do more. I had my swim class again, and tonight I get the new elliptical (my wife, as you probably know before I even say anything, got to use it the first night).

The one area I know I am going to have trouble is the creamer in my coffee. I need to just start drinking it black after the first cup or something. I may even need to just banish creamer all together. So far today 250 calories in milk an creamer, just rediculous when every calorie counts.

I did not feel out of energy like I did with the South Beach Diet. The diets are actually similar though. I need to write a post about the differences. I will know by the end of the week, but I have a feeling the slightly less restrictive carbs will give me the energy I need to do all these workouts without feeling lethargic. Time will tell.

I am also working on researching how many calories are burned for a given exercise at a given pace. One would think if you know you’re heart rate and duration and weight and possibly height, there should be a formula to tell how many calories burned. But it seems everyone uses METS, which is a multiple of how many times more calories you burn doing the activity than resting. So for example if you run a 10 minute mile you are doing 8.5 METS. Someone just measured this for a large group and then averaged it. An estimate for Basal Metabolic Rate is 11 times your weight for guys and 10 times for girls. Then divide that by 24 to get the hourly rate. For me this is 2365/24 = 99 calories. Or there are calulators out there that tell me my Basal Metabolic Rate is 2010. Some tell you to use your resting metabolic rate which the calculators then estimate as low as 1800 for me. So all of these give me a range of 1 MET = 75 to 99 calories. Talk about an inexact science…. So I am burning between 638 calories and 842 calories if I run 6 miles in 1 hour. Besides the fact that I can’t quite do this yet, which entirely misses the point, once I can I won’t really know how many calories I did burn.

I realize the scale, in the end sort of solves the dilemna, cause whatever it says is true. But it would be nice if the spreadsheet I am charting all this stuff in is more rather than less accurate in predicting my results. I would hate to think that 300 hours on the treadmill will get me there and then find out it will actualy be 400 hours. In the end I just love all the charts and the science and math and it keeps me focussed on my goal whether or not I really need to know all of this is therefore an invalid point. (Yeah I knew what you were thinking.)



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