Funny Story

So I worked out four times the first 3 days of the week. It wasn’t all that difficult, surprisingly. I have noticed my heart rate is not going as high as it used to, it doesn’t do the high peaks on a particularly tough phase of the workout up into the 180’s like it was, it stays more even now. I guess that is a good thing, it makes me feel like I am not working as hard though. Since the heart rate monitor is keeping close track I am recording it to see if it is just my imagination. I guess the body gets used to the same old exercises and does it more efficiently, so I might have to start switching things up.

So I went out to eat yesterday. My sister was in town. I went a little overboard but that is not the important part of this little story. We were just finishing dinner and the waiter came over to ask us how things were and coax us into dessert. Again, not the important part.

My 4 year old son was concentrating on something harder than I have ever seen him concentrate on anything. He was sitting there, sitting up straight I might add, but he was working on a gesture. His mouth was hanging open as all he was thinking about was his eyes. He was basically sitting there both eyes lightly closed and his mouth hanging open. He was doing this for 15 seconds at a time right as the waiter walked up. He looked as if someone taught him a good meditation technique and he was practicing it to perfection in the noisy restaurant. Either that or he looked like he was about to fall asleep like a cow, not bothering to lay down.

The waiter said, “Someones had a long day huh?”

To which we all began to laugh.

“No,” I said, ” he is trying to learn how to wink.”

I am going to have to get this on camera before he figures it out.



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