swimming progress

I swam 1500 yards last night. It was all with the proper form and breathing properly and the only thing was the rest in between laps. I swam my first 1000 as 20×50 on every 2 minute mark, I would estimate I averaged 55 second 50’s. Then I swam 5 x 100 on 3 minutes and found that I only slowed a tiny bit when I “took it easy” so I could get 100 yards at a time. I was swimming the 100 in 2:08 to 1:55, getting faster as I went. That is right negative splits the entire way! I couldn’t believe it. I was remembering things to add back in as I got down each part of the stroke I was focusing on. I started feeling my calf tightening up in pain like it would cramp as I pushed off the wall the last couple of times, so I know I was pushing the swim to my limit.

I am stoked with how I am doing. I think I will try to do 500m to compare my time and stamina to before this Saturday. I will try and take it easy and do the whole thing without stopping. It is amazing how much better I move through the water too. My stroke count per length has dropped to 15-17 depending on how far off the wall I go underwater. I am going to give one last big push this weekend to get a good first two week result for my Monday weigh in. So that means I will swim about the same 1500 yards and then go 4 miles on a treadmill.

I am also going to do the bike this evening and Sunday. So if I do this I will have met my workout goals I set for the week which are more that I have done any other single week by far. It will be something like 2 miles swimming, 24 miles biking, and 12 miles running. If I lengthen out the bike rides its an olympic distance triathlon in a week! (that sound you heard was my jaw hitting the floor) I am honestly shocked how quick it adds up.


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One Response to “swimming progress”

  1. Alexia Says:

    Good for you! I can’t believe I’ve done almost an Ironman Tri (OK, over 4 weeks, but still!) 😉 Knocking out another 10 miles on the bike as I type. Multitasking. Instead of blogging/reading and eating, I’m blogging and biking.

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