It seems to be working

Been real busy with work and working out. Hit a low 2 days in a row now, 206.4 this morning. (Boo-ya)

Check out this site, They let you enter food and activities and the calorie counts on these things are good for the standard stuff anyway (I found a few that were suspect but who is going to use this thing to actually count calories for things that take 10 minutes in bed just before sleep, if you know what I mean).

The basal metabolic rate and the running, swimming, and biking are all good which are the key elements for me. It takes a little time to enter it but it is more satisfying to use it than a spreadsheet as all the reports are a click away. I like to see all the micronutrient charts to see all the vitamins and minerals versus the recommended daily intakes for example. I think I will try and log my food for a week again just to see if the charts are valuable enough to me to be worth the effort.


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One Response to “It seems to be working”

  1. Alexia Says:

    Great job!!!

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