Focus, Hocus, Pocus

The title doesn’t mean much – until you consider my belief. I believe that if you want to get yourself obsessed and addicted to something then you just need to immerse your subconcious mind in it. Since we don’t have direct control of our subcouncious mind there is a little trick to the process. The trick is to focus your concious mind on it by reading a book, listening to a podcast or CD, or watching a movie on the topic on a daily basis. I suppose you could just sit there and chant in a mind numbing state of meditation on the topic, but, I prefer to just read a book.

For example, if you want to become a compulsive gambler, go out and buy a bunch of books that teach you gambling systems. Read them. Go to the casino or find an online casino and practice, practice, practice. You keep reading those books you will keep wanting to gamble cause your mind is focussed on something and voila you suddenly want to do that. (Yes at one time in the past I read a book how to play online poker to beat the pants off the inexperienced. And yes the “focus” worked it’s “hocus pocus” and I played a lot.)

Now this all sounds bad, but that is because I used an example of something that we might not want to become addicted to. Or maybe you have a problem with the word addiction. If so substitue your favorite synonym. If you bought a bunch of books about working out, or to compete in a triathlon, or to practice sound personal finance, or to eat healthy, yada yada, then while you keep reading that book –  you will want to do that.

So the hocus pocus is the magic of knowing that this works. You find a book or an inspirational audio or movie and read or listen to or watch and bam you have a little more control over what your subconcious tends to worry about and hence the magic is unleashed.

So my last post I noted that I was tending to drop off in my workouts and pick up in the eating category. Not to a negative effect yet, but the trend was there. Well, I went and read a book called Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner. This is quite the memoir. I really like it because I can look at this guy and think what a freaking nut, just like what people think that I tell I am doing a triathlon think. Ultramarathons are races longer than a marathon, which in this dudes case includes 100 and 200 mile races. Yikes.

None the less, it makes my little feat of trying to lose some weight or work up from a sprint triathlon to an Olympic distance one seem like a common sense thing that would easily be attainable as compared to the thinking about entering a 100 mile foot race. Before I read it I would have more likely thought, well yeah people do Ironmans, but could I really? And the doubt that lingers would take hold in the subconcious and make it true. But now, after reading about “Karno” in the book, I know its possible if I just decide to do it.

After reading the book, and with my plans of going to more classes to train in a group, I have unleased a torrent of calorie deficit, like dumping fat down the drain. I hit the 30,000 calories burned mark (of my 240,000), which equates to a new low weight this morning of 202.4 down from 213.6, or 11.2 pounds. The 30,000 should equate to 8.6 pounds. The difference is probable due to a higher start weight due to the binge before the start and a lower weight this morning due to a smaller dinner and crashing to bed early from having swam 1.5 miles, biking 11 miles, and running 8 miles in the last 3 days. So everything is right on track. I do have to say though that although my diet uses most of the same principles as the Biggest Loser Diet, there are a few changes that I made which come from a book about sports nutrition. The information in this book makes it possible to do all these workouts without getting severely tired or even very sore. I will write about it some next time I get a chance.


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2 Responses to “Focus, Hocus, Pocus”

  1. Alexia Says:

    I just read Karno’s book 50/50 about his running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days — inspiring! I just ordered ultramarathon man myself. Wow. Who knew there was such a thing!!!

  2. brianthinagain Says:

    Yeah I have started the 50/50 book as well. I found the first book in a bin of books for $4, what a great bargain that was. I would have never considered it if not for the bargain price, but it is such a great book I feel like I should go back and pay more!

    It makes we want to do a longer tri just to read about what is possible.

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