My New Triathlon Bike

I am so excited I just bought a new triathlon bike. Now the only problem is I gotta wait for it to be shipped. The price was unbeatable however. I took the specs to a local bike shop and the closest thing the guy had was something that was going to cost me $1500. I got this one for $800. Here it is if anyone wants to gawk.

So I am expecting I can bump up my speed a good 3-4 mph going to this from a hybrid. Speed increases equate to about  2 minutes in a sprint triathlon per mph improvement so my time would improve 6-8 minutes just from a new bike. I will have to see if what I expect is reality. I almost feel like I am cheating, but in actuality I was one of the couple people without at least a road bike, and many have spent upwards of $2000 on their bike if not $4000.

When the bike shows up I will get it ready to go and as long as the roads are dry I will time myself once on the same course just to see the improvement. Then I am going to get myself an indoor trainer, which is a contraption that costs between $100 and $500 and turns a road bike into an indoor exercise bike. Here is the one I want but I think I saw a better price of $240 with a climbing block that puts your bike front tire up higher to feel like a hill. Then I can ride all winter long. I am planning to ride my bike during a football game one day and see how far I can go during the game. I should be able to bust out a 56 mile ride in about that time, which, not coincidentally, is the length of a half-iron triathlon bike leg. If I can’t do that then I will need to bag my plans to build up to a longer triathlon and just focus on the olympic distance ones. I am getting a bit eager with all the vast improvements I am making lately. As in my aspirations might be biting off more than they can chew.

Speaking of vast improvements, today I ran 4.6 miles in exactly the same time that I ran 4.0 miles the first day I went to the triathlon run class. My pace was 11:00 average the first day, which was 4 weeks ago, and today it was 9:23 for the 4 miles. I also got in an extra run this past weekend that was 5.1 miles and involved a hill. UGhhh, big hill. The hill went up 325 feet over a half mile, I ran down it then back up during the 3rd mile of my 5 mile run. I was able to keep running the whole 5 miles, if you will humor me and call the pace I held up the hill running anyway. That hill, by the way, is a 12% grade, so you had better humor me, cause your treadmill can’t even go up that steep most likely. (yeah that’s me sticking my toungue out at you, if you imagined a pace that was so slow it wasn’t running, if you didn’t then I take it back).


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