Swimming Time Good, Little Guy On Shoulder Bad

So the little dude on my shoulder, you know the good one, I think something happened to him last week. I don’t know if he caught a cold, or if he fell off while I swam my 10:50 500 meters. Not really sure. All I know is he was gone for a while there. Right when I needed the little dude, all the halloween candy and such.

Oh well, it was bound to happen, and oh it happened. It started, quite ironically, the same day I posted about not ever seeing a 2 in front of my weight again. As in 203.6, which is how high up there I got by Sunday. My spreadsheet has a graph in it that I added a couple of fancy features, there is a line that shows the average for the week for both food and exercise. Well, I was forced to skip one workout, a run at lunch, during a busy day at work and never made it up. Then one other workout was a little lighter than normal. The real deal breaker was the food. I have been averaging right about 1000 calories a day deficit, with about half coming from food and the other half from workouts. Well last week I averaged 75 for food, not 500. Those little “fun size” candy bars still got calorie power behind them when one consumes a bakers dozen. That was certainly not the entire problem. I basically did not eat well. I ate to maintain my weight not to lose. Although I did go up, it was only from the bad meals and late eating since my weigh in is in the morning. I just made the weight loss get much less steep. A pound is still a pound, and by midweek I should see that on the scale. I did two workouts Monday to get back in the groove, and am getting back to eating wisely. The crazy thing is once I reach my goal weight I will burn 2300 calories a day at rest and if I do all these workouts that will be another 500 more of non-rest on average. So I will need to eat 2700 calories just to maintain my weight. Which at that point will become important if I want energy to work out. That puts this entire bad week into perspective in that I will need to eat 200 more calories than I averaged last week. Funny how the perspective will change as to what is good or bad. Although it must be noted that those calories shoulod not be coming from so much candy.

It is only Tuesday morning for me and I have already burned 1740 calories from working out, a bike, run, and swim.  I got another run at lunch and my new bike is being delivered today. So I will get it put together and go ride it later in the week. I went for a ride at lunch yesterday, sort of a kick off to my “new bike week” celebration to get one last ride in. I wanted to see how much I improved since the triathlon. That way I could ride on the new one and see the actual difference due to the bike, not the difference due to the bike and fitness combined. I am not too sure what happened. It could have been the colder weather hampered me, or maybe the race day adrenaline wasn’t there. Another thought is that I have been doing the bike class where we are being taught to keep the revolutions per minute up from 75 as a low to 105 peak. I think the way I rode before was with a higher gear, slower speed, and more power. That style wears out the muscles quicker, but it may have gotten me there faster. I just need to work on getting more power at the higher cadence. Amazingly I took 40 seconds longer to do the ride, and there was no swim or run to worry about. I took 44:10 to complete the 11.7 miles. So I guess the bike is no longer my strongest discipline.

So I got a great swim in last Saturday. I warmed up then got into the groove and swam 550 yards (my equivalent to 500 meters). It took me 10:50 as I already mentioned. My best time before that was 12:15, which was a couple of weeks ago. I know I could beat this time as well, because I swam after doing 4.5 miles on the treadmill at a good pace. This is a pace of 1:58 per 100 and my goal requires 1:49 per 100. So it is getting real close. I held this pace for a 200 during this mornings workout.

I am going to workout in the evenings this week on the treadmill. I have been doing little of this but it is kind of nice to get on the treadmill and just go at any pace I feel like. Usually I am pushing so hard for improvements with my heart rate at 85-90% of its max. The easy workout is nice, and it still burns 500 calories in an hour if I walk at a good pace and run a mile or so at 12:00 pace. I will try to do this each evening this week if I feel up to it. It is actually a large increase in volume if I do it so I imagine I will still take a couple days off. These slower pace calories just seem so much easier I want to get some of them in during the week too.

So I am back under 200 this morning and am gunning for the overweight category by Friday. (BMI < 30 = weight < 197.2)

I am also going to start working on a post that has to do with competition. Whether you try and beat your own times or are trying to beat others, there are three key factors that I read up on recently and will be sharing.


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One Response to “Swimming Time Good, Little Guy On Shoulder Bad”

  1. Tom Dibble Says:

    I have found that halloween candy is just made of pure evil 🙂 But, there it is, one week every year, so we’d better learn to deal with it!

    I found that CalorieKing.com has a good food/exercise tracking program which makes short work of tracking what I do every day, for what it’s worth. I like that it gives me a gut check on the other nutrition particulars (protein, calcium, etc) and a better idea of where my energy consumption is coming from than I’d be able to manage doing it myself in a spreadsheet (primarily because I’m too lazy to fill in anything besides calories without a food database backing me up).

    In any case, glad to see that common sense weight loss / fitness is working for you, and best of luck in your training!

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