Weight Loss Progress

For a fleeting moment today I hit 190.0 pounds. But it is official annyway, I am now 190 pounds.

I missed my swim in the morning cause I was up late working, which is my story for the past month. Good to be busy at work I suppose.

I made it to my run at lunch and hit 8:55 per mile for 4 miles. Not my best but within seconds (8:51). It seemed much easier this time. Not that it was easy mind you, my heart rate was 184 to 185 for the last half mile as I pushed to break a record I missed by 15 seconds. This heart rate is, for this 38 year old, about 5-6 bpm within my max as I have seen it anyway. I could not keep it there for that long a while back so I am improving even if I didn’t make a new record.

It is strange how the waves of enthusiasm give away to waves of thoughts like, “what exactly am I pushing like this for… it kind of hurts…” The enthusiasm kept coming back though and so I kept going to the end.

I got bogged down at 192 pounds for the last week and a half, so it was nice to break into the 191’s and now 190’s in the last 2 days. I think the higher fiber diet is making it easier to eat less too. Though my body burns about 120 calories less a day than when I started tracking them 13 weeks ago. So that has to be playing a part in me eating less.

Today is the day I break the 80,000 calorie level too. That is 1/3rd of the way to my 240,000 estimated calories I needed to burn and not eat. I started at 213.6 pounds and figure I am shooting for 164.4 (who knows if that is the correct target)  I have lost 23.6 and have 25.4 left. I gotta point out that since the biggest loser diet has inspired me in many ways I have now lost 11.0% of my weight in 13 weeks (15.3% in 23 weeks since joining the YMCA and starting the blog). 

Weight-wise I am almost halfway there, but I got a jump at the start of a good 3.6 pounds without working at it and now my weight is not actually 190.0 as there will be a week of weigh ins above that value before I stay below it. Additionally, I expect I will hit more plateaus on the way that munch up calories without dropping the pounds (although accurate record keeping should forbid this). So I am thinking I am somewhere in between 1/3 and 1/2 which for all you fraction lovers is 5/12ths of the way. In 13 weeks that is pretty amazing. That means in 18 more weeks I am done.  This will be the week of April 12. Which is 1 week before my first competition of the year, a 10k fun run. Followed 3 weeks later by a 12k run, and 2 weeks after that a half marathon, then onto triathlons. It will be much more pleasant if I just reach the goal before then.

I can think about this and imagine it, and although there is a sense that it is hard to believe, there is really nothing about it that is pie in the sky thinking. In 2 more weeks I am halfway there and then all I need to do is repeat once. I can only think of one thing that sums up my state of mind:

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Just try and stop me…


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