Starting back up

I am back with a vengeance. I calculated some stats and am pleased with my progress toward changing my lifestyle. There are obvious problems as well, but doing good for 3 months and losing 21 pounds followed by one bad month where I gain just under 5 is a pattern that I can live with providing I start back on the 3 month portion again and learn from my 1 month mistake to maintain better rather than sliding backwards the next time I take some time off, maybe I can manage half off instead.


I went to an educational class given by an Olympic level specialist in periodization planning. She gave us the quick run down (just under 2 hours) on how to use periodization to plan how to peak for certain events. This got me on my kick again and I am now officially back to it. I ran 8 miles and swam 1.5 miles counting today and yesterday. I admit I am sore though. I got a good dozen miles on the bike tomorrow morning and then another mile and a half in the pool followed by a day off. I will then hit it hard Saturday swimming and running followed Sunday with my bike on my new indoor trainer still sitting in the box.


If I stick to the plan this week it will be about 5000 calories burned in the week. The best level so far has been 4900 followed by 4200 and the rest down in the 3000’s so this is a substantial increase and should wipe out the extra pounds I added very quickly, if I can eat well like I have been this week.


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