half marathon

I am not sure how I came to be in the position that I am now certain that I am going to do a half marathon in 17 weeks. I think my running group brainwashed me or something. Oh well, it will make me work to be ready which will melt the pounds away.

It is actually worse though than just the half marathon. I am signing up for a 10k in 13 weeks, a 12k in 15 weeks and the half marathon which is 21k or so, in 17 weeks. My goal is to finish the thing and run the whole way without having to drop to a snails pace, that is to be steady throughout the entire race. I would imagine we are talking somewhere between 9 and 10 minute miles but I really don’t know for sure until I start to run the longer distances. I have only been running 4-5 miles at a pop which is less that the shortest of the races. I will test upping the distance for a Saturday “long run” starting oh, how about tomorrow with a 6 mile jaunt. We shall see how this goes, I have made some serious progress in the amount of “work” that goes into a workout.

I also plan to do my swimming on Saturday and starting up my biking on Sunday so I will be really piling on the work during the weekends. I will basically be close to doing an Olympic distance triathlon during the course of the weekend if all goes as planned. We shall see if I can manage the plan. I may come up short on the bike, 25 miles might not be reached. But I hope to swim at least a mile if not 1.5 and then run 6. The actual distances in an Olympic tri are .93 miles swimming (1.5k), 25 miles biking (40k), and 6.2 miles running (10k).

I am happy I am at a point where I can just go out and do these distances in a weekend without actually having to then inhabit the couch for a better part of the week afterward. I will have a sore butt from the bike though, I just know it.

My first week back in the saddle, providing the weekend goes as planned, will be a new record for me of over 5000 calories burned during workouts, although I will not have a record with eating and so will be a few hundred calories from my record of total food calories deficit plus workouts which is 8500 total. This is based on my caloric needs of 2540 calories a day based on my current weight and estimated basal metabolic rate as I talked about in past posts. I hope to reach 8000 calories which will be two pounds on the scale.

Wish me luck.


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