10k run and a 1.5k swim

OK so I did the run and swim part of an Olypic tri yesterday. This is more than I have ever run or swam all at once without stopping that I can remember anyway.

I thought of a new way to get a grip on my times as well. I found a race that had 113 entrants in my age group and so I can easily get the percentage rating assuming the 113 people are the average mix of runners one will find in a 10k run. I can then say I am in the top 50% or 45% and so on as I improve. This is much easier than saying something like I dropped my time from 59 minutes to 58.

So I ran 6.4 miles without stopping (this is slightly more than 10k but I did not recognize the turnaround point I had scouted out on google maps until I had passed it.) I did it in 1:02:26 and there was snow and ice in spots that slowed me down so I know I could get it 2 1/2 minutes lower if I had a clear path and no worries about footing. None the less this is a 9:45 minutes/mile pace. I am very pleased with this number in the conditions and will do 6.2 miles in the future when I run this distance to get an instant improvement of just a couple seconds short of 2 minutes. Another thing I did that will not happen in the future is helping a woman push her car. I stopped my time while I did it but I came upon some people pushing a car, I jumped on the back and pushed as I got to them and we took it another 100 feet and I was pushing hard as not to lose my momentum. Well I got back on my way and a quick glance at my heart rate monitor showed me I overdid it and I had jumped up to almost my 95% rate where I had been running closer to 85%. My legs felt a little jello-y after I got back to it but the feeling passed within a few minutes. I am almost certain I slowed my pace a bit here because of this. Not a big deal of course just making notes of what I can expect next time. Without any improvement at all I should hit 60 minutes. The 62:26 puts me in the 72nd percentile of the race in Hawaii that had 113 entrants of my age group. The 60 minutes I plan to get next time will put me at the 65th percentile. When I make it to a 9 minute mile for this distance that will put me at the 46th percentile. I have a best of 8:48 at 4 miles so 9 minutes should be a reasonable pace to expect once I get in more practice running the longer distances.

Once the run was finished I got to the pool and found I had to wait 15 minutes for the swim team to finish up. So I made a rather stupid mistake and waited in the hot tub. The pool is 81 degrees F and the hot tub 102 degrees F, a recipe for cramps. I got out of the hot tub and jumped in the pool which felt very cold. I just dipped under the water, afixed the goggles to my face and proceeded to bring myself pain. Every muscle in my arms felt sore and my legs were not doing to well either. I rested for 30 seconds after 100 and 200 yards, then again at 550, the plan was to go the whole way without stopping so I was dissappointed. But I started back up and got in a grove and did the last 1100 without stopping. The time including breaks was approximately 34 minutes.  I was most excited about going 1100 non-stop while feeling a bit crappy. If I can work through that on a training day I can work through about anything on race day. Another point to make was that my swimming pace is under 1 minute per lap (50 yards) even at the long distance. Yes it took 34 minutes but I was stopped for 2 of them. 1 minute per lap exactly with no stopping would be 33 minutes. This is exactly 3 times my sprint tri distance of 500 meters so my eventual goal for this length is the same as I worked so hard to reach, 10 minutes times 3. I need to do the swim first thing and warm up a bit before I start if I want a realistic shot at it.

There is little chance I will do 25 miles on my bike today. I am currently hoping to just get it set up and do something at all. We shall see if I make it or not. 

On the food side of things it was interesting to note that the calories I ate did not catch up with the calories I burned from exercise until dinner time. Unfortunately they were over the plan by a long shot from that point and I lost half of the work to excess food calories. This overdoing it and not eating enough early is a disaster when the cravings then take hold and all good intentions go out the window. I burned 1350 calories working out and ate an extra 800 (over my limit which is 500 over my plan so a total screwup of 1300 calories), I would have been better off eating normal and doing a light workout of 45 minutes on the treadmill as far as my weight loss goals are concerned.


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