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progress seen (without glancing at the scale)

February 15, 2009

So I am doing well. My trip out of town for work saw me work out one time. I ate ok but not great, that is a big improvement over past trips so I am happy with it.

I am where I was on the scale when I left but I wanted to share two milestones I discovered today:

1) I ran a mile on the treadmill in 7:40, yeah that is less than 8 minutes you read it right. The treadmill was groaning and straining from the pounding it took, and I was tired and very sweaty, but the distance was covered in the time. If I remember correctly my first mile on the treadmill was something in the neighborhood of 13:26. I went on to finish up a 5k (3.1 miles) in 27:40 so even though I had to walk a bit after the quick first mile I got back into it with a good time overall (my best as far as I have measured but I don’t do the 5k often and I have run 4 miles with a faster average).

2) My wife bought me some 36″ jeans and I put them on and they fit! They don’t fit like I want to go to work in them for all day, but they fit well enough to go out for a couple hours one evening. I started this ordeal to lose weight wearing 42″ jeans with a belt or 40″ tightly, so I have lost about 4″ off my waist.


A Hundred Grand

February 7, 2009

According to my spreadsheet I have now avoided eating and burned with exercise 100,000 calories. I am happy but my equations for weight loss do not work. I hit 80,000 quite a while back and then had my little break which I did not accurately measure my food. According to my estimates I ate about 2800 calories a day, there were a couple of days I tracked them and then when I filled it in then I estimated back a few days. The 3 week period I worked out just enough to balance out my extra eating to stick right around 80,000 according to how I tracked it all. But I gained about 7 pounds for the two month period of my low to the high after I got back into it. I think I was not burning as many calories a day as I estimate, 2540, because even if I ate 3200 a day for those three untracked weeks that would only be an extra 8000 calories. Which results in two pounds. The bottom line is that the calculations will only work as you get into a groove and keep doing the same thing. If you have a shock to the system in one form or another that lasts for several weeks, things may not be as expected. I had expected to gain about 3-4 pounds and after getting back to it for 2 weeks to be back making new lows again. Not quite.

I have gotten back into the swing of it and the lack of results for the 20,000 calories is basically a confirmation that I need to hit 240,000 for sure, maybe more if I take any more time off from the new me. So I still have 140,000 to go. I hit 193.2 and my low before was 190.6 so I still got another week and a half of doing well before I hit a new low more likely two weeks.

On the working out front I swam over 8000 yards two weeks in a row now. I have only been running twice a week with the cold weather the days outside are a little rougher on me so I can’t do the two days in a row like before. As it gets into the mid 30’s to low 40’s I should be able to get back to the 3 times a week. I still have not done much bike. I am thinking about doing a spinning class on saturday instead of the run to go along with my swim which I don’t think I want to give up.

Not next week as I will be out of town for work. Cross your fingers for me that it all goes well.