progress seen (without glancing at the scale)

So I am doing well. My trip out of town for work saw me work out one time. I ate ok but not great, that is a big improvement over past trips so I am happy with it.

I am where I was on the scale when I left but I wanted to share two milestones I discovered today:

1) I ran a mile on the treadmill in 7:40, yeah that is less than 8 minutes you read it right. The treadmill was groaning and straining from the pounding it took, and I was tired and very sweaty, but the distance was covered in the time. If I remember correctly my first mile on the treadmill was something in the neighborhood of 13:26. I went on to finish up a 5k (3.1 miles) in 27:40 so even though I had to walk a bit after the quick first mile I got back into it with a good time overall (my best as far as I have measured but I don’t do the 5k often and I have run 4 miles with a faster average).

2) My wife bought me some 36″ jeans and I put them on and they fit! They don’t fit like I want to go to work in them for all day, but they fit well enough to go out for a couple hours one evening. I started this ordeal to lose weight wearing 42″ jeans with a belt or 40″ tightly, so I have lost about 4″ off my waist.


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