10k results

more info related to my last post of the 10k race report…

I am very happy to find that I did better than I originally thought in the race. The time was correct, but it wasn’t a full listing. They had printed the results and posted them before everyone had finished. So my percentages were based on incomplete totals.

So instead of being in the 86th percentile for men I was in the 75th. And overall I was in the 46th. I had thought I would be around 50% and whenever I look at races I am having to shorten up my “expected” times to get my expectation down to the 50% mark. So I am very happy that I actually beat that!

I just signed up for the half marathon and found out it is slightly downhill and very few uphill bits for a total elevation drop of 137 feet. So I am looking forward to it and hope to keep the same pace as my 10k time. Seeing how it was through the woods and over the ridge and around the puddle and up and down and up and down and up and down the rolling hills.



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