Hello Friend

I miss you. I had so much fun, but I got obsessed and had to go cold turkey for a while. I will come back and spend a little time, BUT ONLY once a week! I cannot possibly waste so much time with you as I did before.

Yes, that is me talking to my blog. It kinda feels like it’s alive. I am amazed that all my time spent writing has not gone to waste, and that a lot of people still come by and read the posts I spent so much effort on. 

I am sure that you, dear readers, either don’t know about me or don’t care, but if you do remember the good old times, then I have a few updates for you. Oh, and thanks for checking back too. If you don’t know me then its just a recap so consider it to you as well. 

  • I finished the oly I referred to in my last post in 3:18 with leg cramps from running hills and riding my clip-less bike pedals with running shoes because I forgot them at home, and was passed by a guy with a ‘68’ on his right calf about a mile from the finish. I love the fact they mark everyone by age, it is fun to guess and then take a peak.
  • I did my season ending Olympic triathlon three weeks later and scored me an improvement of 3 minutes down to 3:15.
  • My weight over the last 2 years:
    • June 2008 ish = about 230 lbs
    • Sept 2008 ish = about 213 lbs (this is when I started the blog)
    • Lowest point since then: about 192 lbs (running a lot)
    • Average weight during the end of 2009 tri season: about 195 lbs
    • Weight max since end of season as of Jan 18 2010 212.6 lbs (more on why later)
    • After 6 weeks of eating well (mostly well) and workout out hard: 199.8 lbs, that is where I sit now looking for another push closer to 190 this week.
  • I got over my sore foot, and replaced it with a sore knee. Working on fixing that bad boy at the same time I am trying to get ready for the coming season.
  • I love triathlon,
  • My new favorite show is Alton Brown’s Good Eats

So now that you are all caught up with me, I need to finish this post up. I will be writing once a week, but may split up different categories into different posts scheduled for different days, so I hope you enjoy hearing about my progress. It looks like I will make it to my 100th post shortly, this is #97. 

I plan to outline my diet and workouts and how they allow me to drop the weight at will next time. Coming up later I plan to lay out my race season and what I will focus on this year.


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