Avoiding Injuries

I am so stupid.

I went and injured both my big toes. No biggie huh? Well then you have never injured your’s! Because it is amazing how bad it can be.

So here is what I did. I have a friend that wanted me to play soccer with a group of guys. I join in without cleats to play last weekend (I played a lot as a kid but that was 20 years ago). I run around with running shoes and proceed to bang my toenails on the front of my shoe. Someone then offers a pair of cleats that are about my size. I used them for the second half and they were a smidge too tight. All my cardio work did wonders and I was one of the most energetic running around like a fool chasing on offense and defense with a 6 on 6 game. This probably made things worse.

I got home and my toenails were acting as though they were riding a bed of jelly on top of my toe. It was cool to watch them move like that if it didn’t hurt so much. They are definitely bruised underneath but I only see a light hue of purple so far, no black.

Anyway its been 3 days now and I can move around a bit and have taken a fabulous liking to my steel toe work shoes that I have never worn much. I also had very mildly strained my ankles and the big tendon running down the inside of the thigh on one leg from all the stop and start running I am not used to. Oh and there is a gargantuan blister on the ball of my foot behind my left big toe. All in all I am hobbling around this week.

I totally blew my workout plan and have a 12k race coming up next Sunday. I will probably test out soon if I can do anything at all. I will run a short stint on Saturday and make my final decision if I can do it as a fun run/training. I am thinking I will heal enough to do it, but there is a giant blister too and if that gets worse I will risk my half marathon in 2 1/2 weeks. I was targetting a PR (2:06) with an outside shot at slipping in under 2 hours but the derailed training probably put that out of reach. I missed my bigest volume week ever by missing my long run planned after soccer. That was probably my single most important workout of this cycle and I blew it.

So here is some advice to triathletes that only do triathlete things. Keep it that way or prepare to be injured. If you do decide to add anything different besure to add it in baby steps with a mind toward what body parts are not ready for the workload you are going to put on them. Oh, and remember soccer is played in cleats that fit, not running shoes, that is another important thing to rememeber – they make all those different types of sport shoes because there is a demand for them. The demand comes from smart people that do not want to get hurt doing a sport they want to play.

It sounds so simple now.


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