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working out…

January 27, 2009

…does no good if you then eat poorly. I worked out 10 times the last 2 weeks for an average of 50 minutes each, all of this on 3 days where I did two workouts each day and 4 days where I did 1. But I also left my diet a bit to chance and did not lose any weight over the last two weeks.

I did not think it would be so hard to get back in the groove, I need to do something drastic. I will force myself to succeed this week if I have to stop eating before I run out of day. I will likely sleep more if this happens but at this point I don’t care; I have got to stop eating so much. The following weeks should then get easier. 

My main problem when I screw up is that I go out for lunch. So I need to keep it to 600 or 700 calories if I do and then eat at home for dinner. I also need to eat a nice well rounded dinner that has veggetables so that I get a feeling of full that lasts till bedtime. I will not eat out for lunch on Tue and Wed since I go running and I did well this Mon, so Thur and Fri are my only troubled spots to eat well at lunch and that will get me though this week. Last week I worked out hard and ate well during the Tue-Wed-Thur to the point that I was not saving any calories these days and the trend continued into the days where I do not work out.

The main point is that if you want to lose weight you cannot eat at taco bell on the way back from a 4 mile run or you should have just stayed home and ate well for the exact same result.

I did my morning swim today and burned an estimated 1010 calories in 91 minutes swimming 2.05 miles. This is the farthest I have gone and for the longest time which is very cool. After I eat my morning snack I will have consumed 510 calories so I need to be careful today after the run at lunch I will burn over 500 calories running and will have a deficit for the day of so many I will be very hungry.  I pass 3 Taco Bells and 3 McDonalds on the way back to work (the evil centers of empty addictive calories).

cross your fingers for me…


Two weeks off

December 29, 2008

I have just completed two weeks of nothing. I think I worked out once, I quit counting calories and just rebelled against all the stats.

I know I had 3 days where I went over the number of calories to maintain my weight, but there should have been a few days a bit under as well. I am a couple pounds off my low from a weigh in this morning, which I have also skipped a few days of. All in all not a bad result. If I kept up some minimal workouts I would have maintained my weight. This is pretty good for actually deciding to go at it for a bit without any worrying about anything.

The one thing that bothers me most is the propensity to quit working out. I need to keep that fire burning. I have not been doing the group runs from all the snow and work has me up late too often to get up for the early classes. I need to get on the treadmill at home when I miss this other stuff.

I will try and get back at it this week starting with my morning classes tue and thur, we’ll see how that goes. I am now going to buy the indoor trainer for my bike, something I put off doing for a while now. Maybe the ability to choose from more things to do will help.