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Solving Problems for Fun

October 14, 2008

I love math problems, science problems too. I often enjoy thinking about how to solve a problem and then start on it to get far enough along to be convinced that I can indeed solve it. Once the point of certainty is reached I sometimes decide not to bother, as I have already done the hard part, figuring out how to solve the problem.

As an example, I will not bother with a puzzle. I know I can solve it. I know I could practice and do it more quickly but indeed who cares how fast one can put together a puzzle. It is like being forced to solve a math problem with a computer using the brute force method. Where is the fun? There is no fancy elegant algorithm, some glint of inspiration or fleeting genius. Just program it up to try every single possibility and wait for the results.

There is another problem that I have solved: How to lose weight. I didn’t really solve it I was told the solution and I am convinced it will work. Simply eat fewer calories than required to sustain weight and workout some to speed up the metabolism.

Now there is another part to the problem. The real problem is not only:

“How do I lose weight?”


“How do I keep motivated after I realize I can do it as long as I keep going?” or put another way it is the first question with emphasis on the I.

That is the real problem. My tendency to not bother finishing, to not keep the fire going, to not stay motivated is what I need to work on. I am still motivated at this point, but I see a trend in my numbers that is worrying.

The only workouts I do consistently are the swimming of which two are classes and the third my kids are signed up for swimming lessons at the same time so I don’t miss it. Then the one running session that I do in a group class I make it as long as work doesn’t impose on me. I am missing a biking session and two running sessions a week to keep up an excellent pace on burning extra calories.

I think my wife and I have to plan the nights we do our workouts together rather than just do it while we watch TV if we feel like it. The bike is tough cause the weather is going to be going bad soon anyway. I will have to try and go to a class for that I think.  

I weigh 205.2 after 4 weeks, down 8.4 pounds. I am starting to see a trend of eating more and working out fewer times. Some of the slack is being made up slightly from slightly longer workouts accomplishing a higher pace at the same time. For example Saturday I swam 1 mile in 48 minutes, then continued on to 2000 yards in about 53 minutes total. It was taking me 45 minutes to go 1200 yards not long ago. Even though the trend seems bad I still have a deficit that totaled 5095 calories for the week. So that might just mean that I started out too fast and it is catching up with me. I think I need to make sure it doesn’t go any lower. I also know that I am not eating quite as well as I should. That whole pyramid thing with a base of fruits and vegetables, well, has a weak base. On the brighter side the base is still there, it is just not all there.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure I get more workouts (that is stop skipping the planned ones) and, just like my mama always told me, to eat my vegetables. I eat two cups of broccoli with dinner and it stops the late evening cupboard foraging for some reason. I just need to work on suppressing that gag reflex about the time I am 1 ½ cups into the broccoli. Anyone got a tasty way to prepare broccoli?


Three Weeks of Biggest Loser

October 7, 2008

So I am slammed at work but still feel like I have to write a little to update you on my biggest loser diet progress.

Today is a special day for my diet. I went over 5 digits in the calories burned from working out and ditto for calorie deficit from eating better, by days end anyway.

I am at 10,250 calories burned from exercise, in the same time I was able to get a food deficit of 9,570 calories plus today which is unknown but should be over 600 (this number is my basal metabolic rate adjusted for my activity level that does not count all the extra exercise that is 2600-2065 average). I will hit 10,000 by the end of today as I am on pace to eat about 1800-2000 for the day. This would equate to 5.6 pounds of fat loss while the scale says I lost 7.8 pounds. I hit a lower point during last week of 1.6 pounds lower so I will get back there and lose another 0.6 to hit the 10 pounds lost mark by the end of the week (I have been doing worse on weekends with the food).

So after 3 weeks (and 1 day) here is what I have done for exercise:

  • 6.95 miles swimming
  • 21.8 miles biking
  • 28.4 miles running

If that sounds like a lot, it is -added up. But, it was all in bouts of 45 to 60 minutes in a total of 10 swims, 2 bikes, and 9 runs. So although it takes some motivation it is not nearly as much as one might first think.

So I started the diet with some calculations that suggested I might need to create a deficit of 240,000 calories. In 3 weeks I have taken that number down to 220,000. If the pace keeps ahead like it is now this number would of course get me to overshoot. But somehow I think the first pounds will be easier while the later ones will be harder which will balance it all out in the end. That is actually kind of nice cause you get to see results quicker at first.

It seems to be working

October 2, 2008

Been real busy with work and working out. Hit a low 2 days in a row now, 206.4 this morning. (Boo-ya)

Check out this site, They let you enter food and activities and the calorie counts on these things are good for the standard stuff anyway (I found a few that were suspect but who is going to use this thing to actually count calories for things that take 10 minutes in bed just before sleep, if you know what I mean).

The basal metabolic rate and the running, swimming, and biking are all good which are the key elements for me. It takes a little time to enter it but it is more satisfying to use it than a spreadsheet as all the reports are a click away. I like to see all the micronutrient charts to see all the vitamins and minerals versus the recommended daily intakes for example. I think I will try and log my food for a week again just to see if the charts are valuable enough to me to be worth the effort.