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Weight Loss Progress

December 10, 2008

For a fleeting moment today I hit 190.0 pounds. But it is official annyway, I am now 190 pounds.

I missed my swim in the morning cause I was up late working, which is my story for the past month. Good to be busy at work I suppose.

I made it to my run at lunch and hit 8:55 per mile for 4 miles. Not my best but within seconds (8:51). It seemed much easier this time. Not that it was easy mind you, my heart rate was 184 to 185 for the last half mile as I pushed to break a record I missed by 15 seconds. This heart rate is, for this 38 year old, about 5-6 bpm within my max as I have seen it anyway. I could not keep it there for that long a while back so I am improving even if I didn’t make a new record.

It is strange how the waves of enthusiasm give away to waves of thoughts like, “what exactly am I pushing like this for… it kind of hurts…” The enthusiasm kept coming back though and so I kept going to the end.

I got bogged down at 192 pounds for the last week and a half, so it was nice to break into the 191’s and now 190’s in the last 2 days. I think the higher fiber diet is making it easier to eat less too. Though my body burns about 120 calories less a day than when I started tracking them 13 weeks ago. So that has to be playing a part in me eating less.

Today is the day I break the 80,000 calorie level too. That is 1/3rd of the way to my 240,000 estimated calories I needed to burn and not eat. I started at 213.6 pounds and figure I am shooting for 164.4 (who knows if that is the correct target)  I have lost 23.6 and have 25.4 left. I gotta point out that since the biggest loser diet has inspired me in many ways I have now lost 11.0% of my weight in 13 weeks (15.3% in 23 weeks since joining the YMCA and starting the blog). 

Weight-wise I am almost halfway there, but I got a jump at the start of a good 3.6 pounds without working at it and now my weight is not actually 190.0 as there will be a week of weigh ins above that value before I stay below it. Additionally, I expect I will hit more plateaus on the way that munch up calories without dropping the pounds (although accurate record keeping should forbid this). So I am thinking I am somewhere in between 1/3 and 1/2 which for all you fraction lovers is 5/12ths of the way. In 13 weeks that is pretty amazing. That means in 18 more weeks I am done.  This will be the week of April 12. Which is 1 week before my first competition of the year, a 10k fun run. Followed 3 weeks later by a 12k run, and 2 weeks after that a half marathon, then onto triathlons. It will be much more pleasant if I just reach the goal before then.

I can think about this and imagine it, and although there is a sense that it is hard to believe, there is really nothing about it that is pie in the sky thinking. In 2 more weeks I am halfway there and then all I need to do is repeat once. I can only think of one thing that sums up my state of mind:

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Just try and stop me…


Biggest Loser Diet – week 1

September 23, 2008

This is a summary of my first week of the Biggest loser and my personal goals for the second week. Sorry if it’s boring, I just need to write about it.

I had a rough weeekend as far as the diet goes, well and the workouts. Not really rough, it was easy, as in none. Not food, of that I had plenty. You get the point. None-the-less, after the first week I still have done great. Here is a summary:

I will not have a weekend like that too often, it was a fluke situation. So my averages should go up next week. I did not feel weak for my workouts for the most part.

For the first week:

I ate a daily average of 1740 calories, or 1515 during the week and 2300 on the weekend.

I swam three times for a total of 2 hours and went 2200 yards (1 1/4 miles)

I ran on the elliptical two times for 1 hour 40 minutes and went 3.7 miles

I ran on the treadmill for 36 minutes and went 2.5 miles

I worked out an average of 320 calories a day, or 450 during the week and 0 on the weekend.

I had a food deficit of 470 and a workout deficit of 320 for a total of 790 each of 7 days, or 5000 calories total.

My weigh in this morning was 208.8, my first weigh in was 213.6, for 4.8 pounds lost.

In Biggest Loser fashion, this is 2.25% lost. For the life of the blog (216.2 starting weight) it is 3.42%.

Here is my goal for this week:

Food deficit average of 600 calories. (this is 1600 per day or my 1500 per day plus 700 calories where I go crazy)

Workout deficit average of 600 calories by doing this:

  • swim(3) 2800 yards,
  • treadmill (2) 7 miles,
  • elliptical (2) 4 miles,
  • bike(2) 24 miles

 I am switching to just recording the calorie total for each meal and snack of the day after wasting inordinate amounts of time the first week, although it was worth it to learn. Ignoring weekend data, I ate on average: breakfast 290, snack 110, lunch 320, snack 105, dinner 595, snack 90. The last snack is only low because I ended up skipping it some, when I have it I am closer to 200 calories. This is my weak point, but having to go to bed earlier (for swimming lessons early tuesday and workouts in the evening after 8 pm making me tired) has helped me out.

Biggest Loser Diet Day 2

September 18, 2008

I gotta say I love this diet so far. I was a bit weak last night and got into a couple of things I shouldn’t have, but I still kept a 430 calorie food deficit. I worked out twice though, swimming in the morning and elliptical at night for a total of 875 calories, so my total deficit was 1300 calories, 300 better than yesterday. I was a little sore this morning, but I am good. Motivated to do it again.

I weighed in at 209.6 this morning, down another 1.2 lbs. I should not have any more “water loss” days now.

My new elliptical has the brain the size of a walnut. It is clueless as far as calories burned. First of all it does not ask for age or weight, so how it can calculate calories is beyond me. Another weird thing is it tells you METS. So I can see that I am doing 10.0 METS for example (hard workout) and METS are defined as how much oxygen you use per pound of body weight as a multiple of your resting rate. So 10.0 METS is burning 10 times the number of calories you burn at rest. So if they don’t ask for weight, then the whole thing is just a guess. If there is a weight sensor that is one thing, but there is nothing in the pedals so I am doubting this. If it doesn’t have weight then it can’t estimate your resting rate so it can’t multiply the METS number times anything that makes sense as an individual. 

I am going to test it though, my wife and I are going to do a fixed METS workout and compare calories burned. If they are the same then we need to apply our personal multiplier. So it said I burned 850 calories in 45 minutes. Now I think this would be possible, and it was a hard workout, but I don’t know that I did that much. As compared to the YMCA ones where you enter your weight it seemed quite a bit high. I also calculated what it was using for the calories multiplier. I did 7.0 METS for 10 minutes and it worked out to 160 calories per hour per METS. Now this is correct for a person that weighs about 350 pounds or so. I am going to reduce the calories it reads by about 65%. Which is a real bummer if you know what I mean. Still working on figuring out the METS and heart rate and calories burned. This stuff is hard to research for accuratcy anyway. So I am still working on that.

One more thing I must add. I am loving the snack I have eaten the last two days. It consists of half a cup of plain unsweetened yogurt, and half a cup of berries. I had blueberries the last two days and raspberries today. I toss in a half a packet of the sweetleaf stevia sweetener that showed up recently and it makes for a tasty treat. It is 110 calories and since I am not really hungry, I eat because it is snack time, it is just the perfect treat. If one started to get creative with the flavors these things could be full fledged desserts, but they are quite healthy.