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Hello me, welcome to your blog!

June 17, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post.

I will attempt to entertain and provide intriguing information on my road to becoming thin again. Here is a list of my goals which should hopefully change over time as I reach them. They are:

  1. Lose weight,
  2. get rid of excess fat,
  3. become fit,
  4. compete in a sprint distance triathlon and finish with a respectable time,
  5. inspire my kids (and anyone that happens to become inspired) by my actions.

A key factor that drives me is competition. I can motivate myself if I am competing against something or someone. Sometimes it will be against my own best time or result or other times it is against others. The key to success, in my opinion, is to measure it. If it cannot be measured it cannot be improved upon. For me precise measurements help me to dig in and spend time focusing on the goal. Putting mental energy into a topic helps to focus on the topic which makes follow through more likely.
So as for measuring the goals here is how I will do it:

Weight loss is obviously with a scale. I weigh in each morning on a scale that does precision of 0.2 pounds. I don’t mind seeing it each day and have come to understand that any one reading does not make a trend. It is easily affected by the smallest things. But with more data it becomes possible to see.
Excess fat is a goal as I want to look better and feel better without having to buy large baggy clothing. I will measure my waist, thigh, and chest. I don’t have any calipers and do not want to try and figure out my fat percentage anyway. These three measurements will work. I am also thinking about doing a weekly or monthly photo that I can morph a string of them together to see the fat melt off. But I am just not sure about that yet.

Becoming fit will be measured with five metrics: Resting heart rate, heart rate during a fixed warm-up routine and best time for a mile running, 100 yards swimming, and 5 miles biking. This way I will have a measurement of my own little mini-triathlon and can measure the progress.
Inspiration will be based on the positive comments for my blog. I will cut it off here and dive into the details of all this over the weeks to come.

My next post will be about a book I read that was very inspirational to me.