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1 mile test

May 6, 2009

OK, so yesterday I said I was going to run a mile and see if I could beat my best time. I did, but I also have some bad news. The memory isn’t as sharps as it once was. Followed by good news, I did it in the worst possible situation which of course implies that I can do better… which means there is bad news: I have to do it again. OK now let me explain all that.

I remember my best time wrong. Darn good thing I am recording all this stuff in a spreadsheet to go back over. It was on a YMCA treadmill not the one at home which is stuck at a min of 1% or 1/2%, not sure which as each percent is lit for two changes, it either starts at half and goes to 1 while lighting 1, or starts at one and still lights 1 for 1.5%. The whole thing is on a carpet and a pad anyway, so I should, like a good engineer, just measure the darn thing accurately. Now that I thought of it that is likely what I will do. But anyway, my best time before was 7:40 on a true flat treadmill. I think I was predicting that it meant I could run outside a 7:20 is where that got stuck in my head.

As far as the worst conditions, you know the first. It was on a uphill treadmill. I hate that thing when looking at my pace and dread trying to run fast on it. Oh, and then there was the lunch thing. I ate a bowl of kung pao chicken and brown rice, a nice healthy portion fitting someone that was hungry due to swimming 3200 yards in the morning workout from hell that boasted an 8×50 I swam at 45 seconds with 5 seconds rest sending off on the 50 second mark as the last bit before the cool down. I can sure tell you the 4 deep breaths taken during that 5 second rest did not feel like rest. In other words, I was probably running in a slightly muscle-glycogen depleted state, which is great for my training, but not so great for best times. And the side ache from lunch was minor and didn’t ever get bad, but was there a bit.

Now with all that I did it in 7:25. This was not quite what I was hoping for (due to faulty memories), but like I said it just means I have to do it all again here one day. I may just have to go out and find a nice flat one mile long spot and do it with my MP3 player. That should give me my best time no having to explain the situation. I should probably just do it every other week and start graphing it.

It is amazing that a mile can seem like no big deal and then you try and cover it at the fastest speed possible and all of a sudden it is a long way to go. All I can say is holy crap, if I have to run that fast for over 26 miles. There is no way I can do what I did times 26. I couldn’t even do it over 3 miles, or 2 or even 1.5. It would take me a month to run a marathon in Boston Qualifying time, one mile a day with a day of rest here and there. Ah, but I can improve one small step at a time. Soon I will wonder what the fuss was all about.

So the pounding made my shins sore right after the run. In fact I had that same sensation that got worse and worse as the day progressed after the 12k run on Sunday. On Sunday it became increasingly difficult to walk down the stairs to my basement and appear normal toward the evening. Then on Monday, boom, gone. After the crazy mile run, whamo, back, and two hours later boom gone. No it’s not a tinactin commercial. I am just amazed at how fast the shin pain can come and go. When I first started running back in September and for the first two months the shins basically hurt constantly. It is nice that now the pain is gone shortly thereafter and is not as strong as it was before. I lose another 10 pounds, ramp up on the plyometrics training, and start the hill training days and I should see it dissappear forever. Well, except for right after those hard sessions anyway.


progress seen (without glancing at the scale)

February 15, 2009

So I am doing well. My trip out of town for work saw me work out one time. I ate ok but not great, that is a big improvement over past trips so I am happy with it.

I am where I was on the scale when I left but I wanted to share two milestones I discovered today:

1) I ran a mile on the treadmill in 7:40, yeah that is less than 8 minutes you read it right. The treadmill was groaning and straining from the pounding it took, and I was tired and very sweaty, but the distance was covered in the time. If I remember correctly my first mile on the treadmill was something in the neighborhood of 13:26. I went on to finish up a 5k (3.1 miles) in 27:40 so even though I had to walk a bit after the quick first mile I got back into it with a good time overall (my best as far as I have measured but I don’t do the 5k often and I have run 4 miles with a faster average).

2) My wife bought me some 36″ jeans and I put them on and they fit! They don’t fit like I want to go to work in them for all day, but they fit well enough to go out for a couple hours one evening. I started this ordeal to lose weight wearing 42″ jeans with a belt or 40″ tightly, so I have lost about 4″ off my waist.