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120 years old

June 25, 2008

I have a few goals and that all center on becoming fit and healthy to give me a shot at living to be 120 years old. Apparently this is called a supercentarian after you reach 110, and only 2% make it to 115, so I got the odds to beat. I don’t know why this number sticks out in my head, I guess it is a number that can be reached yet so high that only a handful, in the entire world, make it there. Check out this woman in Israel that may have done it.

I guess it goes without saying that if I don’t lose weight my chances are slim and none. If I don’t live a healthy lifestyle, I can lower my goal. That is part of what motivates me, probably not a very big part, but enough to say it’s there. I just listened to a podcast about what a heathly lifestyle means and it explains that you can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke by 80-90%.

Here is the mp3 of the podcast, the ftiness rocks podcast home page (look for episode 103), and a PDF of the study that they talk about in the podcast.

The study was to look at 4 healthy lifestyle characteristics and see how many people follow it. Here are the four they studied and the percent with which they occured in the study group of 153,805 participants.

  1. non-smoking (76%)
  2. healthy weight as measured by BMI 18.5-25.0 (40.1%)
  3. eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day (23.3%)
  4. regular physical activity as in exercise 30+ minutes 5+ times a week (22.2%)

Only 3.0% of the people in the study had all 4. The most common group to be in is the non-smoker that does nothing else (29.0%), then the healthy weight non-smoker (16.1%), followed next by the person that does nonthing at all on the list (9.4%).

They did not measure how much disease and how little disease the various groups had, but the guy must be studying it now because in the podcast he mentioned how following all 4 of these characteristics can reduce the risk of disease by 80% to 90% or something like that. I think the study was more to show how unhealthy us Americans are.

I am only in the non-smoking group. I guess I can easily get into the 5 fruits and veggies group if I want, and it will only take a little more effort to get to the 5 times a week exercise, I am at 3-4 now. The BMI though, phew I don’t know about that. I am supposed to weight between 125 and 165 to have what is considered a healthy BMI. I don’t know if that will even be possible. I will hit overweight from obese when I get to 199, but that trek to 165 will take a lot of work. And from what little I remember about when I weighed something in the neighborhood of 175 I don’t think I need to lose more than that. Time will tell though.