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NutraSweet vs. Splenda

June 24, 2008

Holy crap. This stuff is all bad for us. I am so bummed. I guess the only way people would wholesale buy into these fake sugars is because it has the sexy appeal of being able to “cheat” on what we eat without worrying about it. But where we get free calories we pay for it with dangerous chemicals. I can’t believe I am blogging on this stuff, but it is a very big deal to everyone that consumes these chemicals.

So in the last post where I described how NutraSweet is made up of two amino acids, the building blocks of protiens, and wood alcohol, a poison. We consume the poison in larger amounts than the EPA limit on a daily basis by using the products as designed. Now let’s see what is up with Splenda.

Splenda is code named sucralose. Here is how its put together. Sucrose is table sugar. The first time you run across it in chemistry you learn it is C(12)H(22)O(11), but that does not really tell the whole picture you need to look at it’s structure. In this picture you can see that it is made up of glucose and fructose combined at the middle by an oxygen atom. So if you look over this structure you will see many spots where there is an OH together, in 8 different spots actually. These combinations of OH are a molecule called hydroxl which is simply oxygen and hydrogen. This is the same stuff you will find in water. It is the molecule that makes a base by putting these ions out roaming about when disolved in water, a base is the opposite of an acid. To make Sucralose, you take out 3 of the hydroxl molecules and stick in a 3 clorine atoms. Here is a picture of which 3. There is a very fancy chemical process and refinement to get the packet of sucralose containing 98% pure sucralose. I wonder what the other 2% is…

So the idea here is that this new molecule is not metabolized. That means you don’t digest it and your body does not make use of the little parts and pieces. That is how the company that made Splenda, Johnson & Johnson, answered to concerns because it’s a chlorinated molecule, like some pesticides that store themselves in body fat such as DDT. They said well it’s no biggie, it doesn’t get absorbed into the body.

But, of course, according to the FDA “Final rule” report 11% to 27% is indeed absorbed. Now who knows maybe the stuff isn’t dangerous. That is why long term studies are usually done to determine if the additives to our food and drugs themselves, are safe. But this testing is not done. I doubt it is safe myself. Here is a Doctor that agrees, granted she is selling a book, but why bother to write it if she didn’t believe it it wasn’t true, and how could a Doctor that did some study not get the word out if she knew?

I am going to have to rethink this whole idea of getting to drink all of these chemicals just to avoid a few calories. One thing I did notice on the Splenda that was not the case for nutrasweet, is that a lot of the links that at first appear different are the same article spit out slightly differently. The wikipedia article was probably the best as is normally the case for this sort of topic which tends to have to be based in reality or the other side will switch the article back to “fix” it. As well there are 39 links to follow for more info at wikipedia, here is a great one for a little more reading on the topic.

In case you still think this is all just a big hype campaign, read here about how in Europe, Splenda manufacturer or distributor or whatever has had their advertising banned because it is misleading (because it comes from sugar it tastes like sugar). This is not a slam on their health effects but it goes to the point that the sugar industry who might just as easily lie about how bad it is, is actually telling the truth in their FTC Complaint according to them on the other side of the pond.

I  I might have to drink the real thing… the ultimate zero calorie beverage… Water.