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My New Triathlon Bike

October 29, 2008

I am so excited I just bought a new triathlon bike. Now the only problem is I gotta wait for it to be shipped. The price was unbeatable however. I took the specs to a local bike shop and the closest thing the guy had was something that was going to cost me $1500. I got this one for $800. Here it is if anyone wants to gawk.

So I am expecting I can bump up my speed a good 3-4 mph going to this from a hybrid. Speed increases equate to about  2 minutes in a sprint triathlon per mph improvement so my time would improve 6-8 minutes just from a new bike. I will have to see if what I expect is reality. I almost feel like I am cheating, but in actuality I was one of the couple people without at least a road bike, and many have spent upwards of $2000 on their bike if not $4000.

When the bike shows up I will get it ready to go and as long as the roads are dry I will time myself once on the same course just to see the improvement. Then I am going to get myself an indoor trainer, which is a contraption that costs between $100 and $500 and turns a road bike into an indoor exercise bike. Here is the one I want but I think I saw a better price of $240 with a climbing block that puts your bike front tire up higher to feel like a hill. Then I can ride all winter long. I am planning to ride my bike during a football game one day and see how far I can go during the game. I should be able to bust out a 56 mile ride in about that time, which, not coincidentally, is the length of a half-iron triathlon bike leg. If I can’t do that then I will need to bag my plans to build up to a longer triathlon and just focus on the olympic distance ones. I am getting a bit eager with all the vast improvements I am making lately. As in my aspirations might be biting off more than they can chew.

Speaking of vast improvements, today I ran 4.6 miles in exactly the same time that I ran 4.0 miles the first day I went to the triathlon run class. My pace was 11:00 average the first day, which was 4 weeks ago, and today it was 9:23 for the 4 miles. I also got in an extra run this past weekend that was 5.1 miles and involved a hill. UGhhh, big hill. The hill went up 325 feet over a half mile, I ran down it then back up during the 3rd mile of my 5 mile run. I was able to keep running the whole 5 miles, if you will humor me and call the pace I held up the hill running anyway. That hill, by the way, is a 12% grade, so you had better humor me, cause your treadmill can’t even go up that steep most likely. (yeah that’s me sticking my toungue out at you, if you imagined a pace that was so slow it wasn’t running, if you didn’t then I take it back).


blog entry # 43

September 5, 2008

I just couldn’t think of a title, and when I realized that trying to figure one out my brain started to hurt so I just called it what it is, sorry.

This morning I weighed in at 211.6, which is just 0.4 pounds above where I ended my south beach diet phase 1 week at 211.2, which was 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am feeling a strong urge to lose this weight but have not done anything extra yet (like another week of phase 1). I have been in the cupboards less in the evenings but other than that it must just be that all this working out and trying to eat better is just starting to work. I mean you gotta stand back and look at the weight graph, sort of blur your eyes on purpose, and then you can see the downtrend.

I am planning on buying new running shoes today. Then go tonight and run in them. That will be a good test to see if they fit well. I am hoping to run with my little triathlete for a half mile or so, and then go on the same run as in my triathlon. I am hoping that running in the same spot doesn’t inspire me to do the run/walk the whole way like I did in the triathlon.

I see that I am nearing 2000 hits for the blog. I like how a lot of my informational blog entries get hit multiple times every day. I am glad that people are reading them and are hopefully getting something from them.  It seems weird to me to search for stuff like that in a blog though. For example, my most popular post is swimming – proper technique. I never even thought to go search blogs when I was trying to figure it out. I guess google doesn’t discriminate, if its helpful they know how to tell and then send people there. (Yeah I guess that’s me assuming its helpful and that google can tell – just leave me alone in my little delusion thank you.)

I am going to start a triathlon training program next week, well to see what it is like anyway. I am sure they could help me out in countless ways. I can hear them now: get some good shoes, where is your heart rate monitor, buy a nice bike, wear a swim cap and shave all that hair off your body. I am afraid.

Running on a Treadmill vs. The Road

August 20, 2008

So I ran 1 mile on a paved trail and blew out my best time. I mean like obliterated it. I have no clue why, I would have thought it would be harder to do even the same. So it made me look into it. Sure enough it is supposed to be harder. Now to be sure I was huffing, but I didn’t stop, I just kept going and got 1 mile in 9:20. This is better by a minute and a half. Now I always did swimming before and some of the time I was on a 2% incline, but sheesh, I wouldn’t have thought it would improve that much. I don’t know how long it would take to do 3 miles, it was getting dark and I had to stop. I could not have kept that pace which maybe since I was just setting the treadmill at a certain pace I just thought I couldn’t do better, and also knew I was going to have to do another two miles while today I pushed it knowing that it was dark and time to stop.

We were at the park and I had marked out a 1/4 and 1/2 mile distance using my bike computer so my daughter could practice for her kids triathlon. She is 6, so she swims 67 yards, bikes a mile, and runs half a mile. So with the marks we went out and back 1/2 mile on the bike then ran 1/4 out and back. She is going to finish her race in about 15 minutes plus transtition times, which I imagine will be quite slow cause we are just encouraging her to do this for fun. I was really only making sure that she could go a mile on the bike and a half mile run without getting too tired. I think she could easily do a lot more so this is perfect. No sense in her feeling any pain yet, I want her to feel a great sense of accomplishement. She tells people she is going to do a triathlon and they are just dumbfounded, once she tells them she did it and has a shirt to prove it I think that will give her a good dose of pride.

So I ran along side her and it was very easy pace for me but it turned out it was just 50 seconds off my best mile time even though it was only half a mile. I was a little shocked cause I felt like I was not going fast at all. Then later when she went to the playground and I did my mile, I ran like I felt it should hurt and this is when I did the 9:20. I found this link to show equivalent times on a treadmill versus flat road based on effort. According to my best time of 5.5 mph on a 2% incline it says I should run the mile on a flat road in 10:10 (5.5 mph 2% incline is in the middle of 5.4 and 5.6 values of 10:00 and 10:20). But when I did the same speed, 5.5 mph on 0% it says that would be like running a 11:18 mile if you interpolate. That swimming before made me a lot more tired than I thought.

This new best time is a 6.4 mph pace. I never get the treadmill up over 6.1 or 6.2 when I am feeling frisky and now I run a whole mile above that pace. I am just stunned. I will definitely measure the distance again sometime, but I am pretty sure I did it right.