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South Beach Plus a Killer Workout

August 8, 2008

So yesterday I made it to the gym. I also used the treadmill. When I got done that stinkin’ little thing didn’t look tired, but I sure was. This was probably becuase I just broke a few personal records. 

I did my first mile in 10:53, and I finished up 3 miles total in 38:40. And yes it is hard to follow up a one mile as fast as you can to be part of a 3 miles as fast as you can effort. My heart rate got up over 175 on the first mile and never looked back. I did .85 at 5.5 mph, then up to 6.0 mph for the last .15 miles of the first mile where I hit my new best time with a heart rate around 185-ish. Then for the next 28 minutes I slowed down to as low as 4.2 and had bouts of insanity where I sped back up as high as 5.5 which I did for the last .1 miles. My heart rate never dropped below 175 for the second two miles and I never saw it go over 189. This was the most I have been able to push myself. And being on the SBD I did feel like I needed a break in there somewhere, but honestly, I don’t think I could do that without thinking —please stoooooop— somewhere in there no matter what I ate.

And MizFit to answer your questions about feeling beat from the low carb diet, I actually feel pretty good, but the first 2-3 days were tough. My kid has been pretty sick and I am not sure if I got a real mild case of what she had, or if I just got wiped out and had no energy from SBD. I am thinking it may even be a combination of both. Since I have made more of an effort to get the veggies in every meal, which includes spinach in the morning eggs, I have been doing better. I also had extra turkey patties left over from the one day and eating them, which were just full of veggies seemed to help me. I am glad you tried them by the way, thanks for the feedback!

So I have one more thing to share, it harkens back to one of my first posts where I was refering to a special form of artwork. See if you guys can guess what it is.



Compelling Urges

July 7, 2008

I have been having these urges lately. I have not been acting on all of them but I did today at lunch. I can hardly believe it. It makes me think this weight lifting thing is really, really, well….   good for me.  The urge is, of course, the desire to spontaneously and without planning (aren’t those the same thing) to go and workout. I did my mile test on the treadmill and broke the 12 minute mark (11:53). I then finished off with another mile to cool down and got just over a two mile workout in while my food was heated in the microwave and then cooled down to perfection. By the way my shins did not hurt this time I think I was running a bit more smoothly which has to be better for me.

I guess I have to confess that once this weekend I was going upstairs to get a refill on my coffee and got this giant urge as well. So I headed back down and then back up and then I started going faster and before I knew it I had winded myself and climbed up and down 12 flights of stairs to go get that cup of coffee. Now 12 flights is not that big of a deal, but it isn’t all that tough to do either. Maybe I start doing it multiple times a day and who knows what will happen.

So am I a freak of nature here? Does anyone else get these urges when they workout, to workout more? I know the only urges I get when I diet take several days to undo. These workout ones are much better as it gives you a good feeling after you are done instead of one where you worry about what you did wrong.

I can’t wait for the day when I think to myself…. “Gosh I wish there were another hour in the day so I could go run 5 more miles on the treadmill, the first 5 just weren’t enough”…


OK I need a topic for this Friday Science entry. Please leave a suggestion or vote for ones already there if you want a little research. If left to my own devices I will probably have to make a few comments on superfoods.

Workout View

June 24, 2008

I am pretty lucky to have this great view while working out. Unfortunately they are building a new YMCA to move into that is not by the river. Oh, well I will enjoy it while it lasts.




I am surprised how quickly I am starting to see results in the heart rate monitoring. Although, maybe it has something to do with how good I feel or how much caffiene I consumed. If I keep measuring it I should be able to tell if it is pure results or not. I set the treadmill, the same one, at 3.0 mph and 2.0% incline and go for 5 minutes. The first day I did it I peaked at 111 bpm, now I am at 105. [Yeah ok so the thing says 6 minutes and 6 seconds, so who said I was a fast draw on the phone camera?]

And since I was all snap happy with the camera I got the end of the workout I might as well post it here for later comparison too.

One last note, I weighed in at 215.6 today. I eat bad for the weekend and look what happens (220.0), I eat good Monday and Tuesday and I should get right back to where I was. I am feeling very good with the weights too. I am starting to up some of them by 5 pounds to make sure I am getting them to near fatigue by the end of the second set. I also recover much faster now. By the time I get back out to the car I can hardly tell I just worked out, I feel jello-less, while the first week I had trouble the rest of the night even walking around.