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blog entry # 43

September 5, 2008

I just couldn’t think of a title, and when I realized that trying to figure one out my brain started to hurt so I just called it what it is, sorry.

This morning I weighed in at 211.6, which is just 0.4 pounds above where I ended my south beach diet phase 1 week at 211.2, which was 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am feeling a strong urge to lose this weight but have not done anything extra yet (like another week of phase 1). I have been in the cupboards less in the evenings but other than that it must just be that all this working out and trying to eat better is just starting to work. I mean you gotta stand back and look at the weight graph, sort of blur your eyes on purpose, and then you can see the downtrend.

I am planning on buying new running shoes today. Then go tonight and run in them. That will be a good test to see if they fit well. I am hoping to run with my little triathlete for a half mile or so, and then go on the same run as in my triathlon. I am hoping that running in the same spot doesn’t inspire me to do the run/walk the whole way like I did in the triathlon.

I see that I am nearing 2000 hits for the blog. I like how a lot of my informational blog entries get hit multiple times every day. I am glad that people are reading them and are hopefully getting something from them.  It seems weird to me to search for stuff like that in a blog though. For example, my most popular post is swimming – proper technique. I never even thought to go search blogs when I was trying to figure it out. I guess google doesn’t discriminate, if its helpful they know how to tell and then send people there. (Yeah I guess that’s me assuming its helpful and that google can tell – just leave me alone in my little delusion thank you.)

I am going to start a triathlon training program next week, well to see what it is like anyway. I am sure they could help me out in countless ways. I can hear them now: get some good shoes, where is your heart rate monitor, buy a nice bike, wear a swim cap and shave all that hair off your body. I am afraid.


Workout View

June 24, 2008

I am pretty lucky to have this great view while working out. Unfortunately they are building a new YMCA to move into that is not by the river. Oh, well I will enjoy it while it lasts.




I am surprised how quickly I am starting to see results in the heart rate monitoring. Although, maybe it has something to do with how good I feel or how much caffiene I consumed. If I keep measuring it I should be able to tell if it is pure results or not. I set the treadmill, the same one, at 3.0 mph and 2.0% incline and go for 5 minutes. The first day I did it I peaked at 111 bpm, now I am at 105. [Yeah ok so the thing says 6 minutes and 6 seconds, so who said I was a fast draw on the phone camera?]

And since I was all snap happy with the camera I got the end of the workout I might as well post it here for later comparison too.

One last note, I weighed in at 215.6 today. I eat bad for the weekend and look what happens (220.0), I eat good Monday and Tuesday and I should get right back to where I was. I am feeling very good with the weights too. I am starting to up some of them by 5 pounds to make sure I am getting them to near fatigue by the end of the second set. I also recover much faster now. By the time I get back out to the car I can hardly tell I just worked out, I feel jello-less, while the first week I had trouble the rest of the night even walking around.