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Weight Loss Progress

December 10, 2008

For a fleeting moment today I hit 190.0 pounds. But it is official annyway, I am now 190 pounds.

I missed my swim in the morning cause I was up late working, which is my story for the past month. Good to be busy at work I suppose.

I made it to my run at lunch and hit 8:55 per mile for 4 miles. Not my best but within seconds (8:51). It seemed much easier this time. Not that it was easy mind you, my heart rate was 184 to 185 for the last half mile as I pushed to break a record I missed by 15 seconds. This heart rate is, for this 38 year old, about 5-6 bpm within my max as I have seen it anyway. I could not keep it there for that long a while back so I am improving even if I didn’t make a new record.

It is strange how the waves of enthusiasm give away to waves of thoughts like, “what exactly am I pushing like this for… it kind of hurts…” The enthusiasm kept coming back though and so I kept going to the end.

I got bogged down at 192 pounds for the last week and a half, so it was nice to break into the 191’s and now 190’s in the last 2 days. I think the higher fiber diet is making it easier to eat less too. Though my body burns about 120 calories less a day than when I started tracking them 13 weeks ago. So that has to be playing a part in me eating less.

Today is the day I break the 80,000 calorie level too. That is 1/3rd of the way to my 240,000 estimated calories I needed to burn and not eat. I started at 213.6 pounds and figure I am shooting for 164.4 (who knows if that is the correct target)  I have lost 23.6 and have 25.4 left. I gotta point out that since the biggest loser diet has inspired me in many ways I have now lost 11.0% of my weight in 13 weeks (15.3% in 23 weeks since joining the YMCA and starting the blog). 

Weight-wise I am almost halfway there, but I got a jump at the start of a good 3.6 pounds without working at it and now my weight is not actually 190.0 as there will be a week of weigh ins above that value before I stay below it. Additionally, I expect I will hit more plateaus on the way that munch up calories without dropping the pounds (although accurate record keeping should forbid this). So I am thinking I am somewhere in between 1/3 and 1/2 which for all you fraction lovers is 5/12ths of the way. In 13 weeks that is pretty amazing. That means in 18 more weeks I am done.  This will be the week of April 12. Which is 1 week before my first competition of the year, a 10k fun run. Followed 3 weeks later by a 12k run, and 2 weeks after that a half marathon, then onto triathlons. It will be much more pleasant if I just reach the goal before then.

I can think about this and imagine it, and although there is a sense that it is hard to believe, there is really nothing about it that is pie in the sky thinking. In 2 more weeks I am halfway there and then all I need to do is repeat once. I can only think of one thing that sums up my state of mind:

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Just try and stop me…


Milestones Dropping Like Flies

October 31, 2008

OK so milestones are being reached. Last week I hit one, this week I hit one, and by next week I will hit another. They are all about dropping the most significant digit by one…

Last week I went from needing to burn an excess of over 200,000 calories to under 200,000 to reach my goal weight. I sit at 194 thousand and change as of now.

This week I dropped below 200 pounds, hitting 198.0 this morning means I have a shot at not going back over on a morning weigh in…. ever again, or maybe that never again part will need to be reserved until the end of next week. Once I hit the 196 range even a big salty meal at night wont push me over for the morning weigh in.

Officially my BMI today is 30.11, when I get to 197.2 pounds my BMI will be under 30. So I am on the verge of…… drum roll please…….. about to lose 0.8 more pounds.

Which means officially I will be moving from the obese category to the overweight category.

Looking ahead the only other milestones of this nature that I will hit is getting to where I need to burn less than 100,000 calories. Technically I could then count down by 10,000’s too, which might make the last push easier.

I have some other milestones that I have set as well. They are about performance.

I want to swim a 10 minute 500 meters. I am moving in on this goal. During my swim class last night I swam 10x100s on the 2:20’s. My first few were at 1:50 but this number drifted up to about 2:00 by the last one. Once I get into a groove and swim at a pace I can hold for a few hundred I hit about 2:00 for each 100. To get to my goal I need to go 550 yards in 10:00, which is 1:49 pace per 100 yards. Another thing I have going for me is that when I reach the goal I will be going all out for 550, which is much less then a normal workout. Since I will not be pacing myself to complete more, I can completely wear myself out by the end. I would expect that within a month I can do this. I will make my first attempt during my workout tomorrow morning. The main problem is that I have to swim after my running because of the pool schedule and the kid’s swimming classes, so I will not likely be breaking personal records after I wear myself out running. Once I can though it is a sure thing when I do the swim first thing like in a triathlon.

For my bike I am not sure about my goals. Until I go on a road bike I have no idea what is realistic to shoot for. Off the top of my head I know I want to go 20 mph for 11.7 miles, this is 35:06 minutes. In my tri, I did it on a hybrid bike in 43:22 which is about 16 mph. Can I make up all 4 mph with the cardio improvements I have to date and new equipment? Is it reasonable to think I can? Who knows. I can tell you one thing I will go all out to try for it. Once I see where I actually am I can then plan for how to get to 20 mph and better. According to UPS my new bike has gone 1400 of the about 2200 miles it needs to travel to get to me. (Oh come on who hasn’t loaded the UPS tracking page and then mapped out the route on google maps to see how it is progressing when they were excited about a shipment… anyone….. come on, someone else must have)

My running has been improving vastly. I just ran 4 miles at a 9:23 pace or 6.4 mph this week. I also did a 5.1 mile run that had a hill of 325 ft in the middle without stopping. So honestly I have recently made improvements faster than I would have thought possible. It wasn’t 4 weeks ago where the 4 miles took me 44 minutes, with interspersed walking. This week 37:30 minutes. My next goals would be to hit a 9:00 minute mile pace (6.7mph) and then to hit 7.0mph (8:34 pace), which means to finish my run in 35:48 and 34:18. I also want to work up to run 6.2 miles without stopping, which is 10k, which is what the olympic triathlon distance run is. The next goal after that would be 12k, which is the length of the Bloomsday run in Spokane, the world’s largest race where everyone is timed with over 50,000 people. My best time in bloomsday was when I was 10 years old, at 1 hour 20 minutes which is 5.6 mph. I walked or walked/jogged all the other years I did it.