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Tough Workout

July 26, 2008

Last night I did quite a workout.

30 minutes elliptical w/arms set on interval training, the thing said I burned 370 calories, and I guess it felt like it, especially this morning. My heart rate was going from 130-160 on each interval. I definitely felt like I was working harder but it didn’t take as much effort. I found that same idea online, this article talks about how a treadmill seems harder than an elliptical when you are actually burning more calories on the elliptical.

I also did all the weights, but faster than normal because the daycare was closing and it was my turn to interrupt my workout and get the kids.

Then we went swimming and I did my 500+100 yards, in 14:40 and 2:20, the 2:20 was far from my best of 2:01, but the 14:40 was a new best by 35 seconds. I must have done nearly half backstroke and still stopped to rest for at least a minute of the total. I still have lots of room for improvement just as soon as my lungs get a bit more efficient.

I felt great after it was all over but had that little jiggle in my step. (For you MizFit, I won’t mention the food, but you know what I am talking about. 😉 ) This morning I was very tired and did not want to get up. I think I need about 3 more hours of sleep, I got 7 although I was only going for 6 to get to work a little early which did not happen. I had a very harsh discussion with my alarm clock, I am thinking I will have to apologize tonight when I see it again. I am feeling it in all my muscles, especially the arms from the elliptical, then the weights, then the swimming.

So if you add it all up I think I burned something like 370 + 250 + 200 = 820, looking at a couple of sites online to figure out calories burned for weights and swimming. That is more than I had for dinner I am pretty sure. I don’t remember the last time I ate a normal dinner then did a workout that burned more calories than I just ate, before the were even digested no less.

I weighed in today at the exact same weight I started at 5 1/2 weeks ago, 216.6. This might at first seem bad, but I guarantee you I have more muscle than when I started (proof is the other day when I calculated a 45% increase in weight I can lift), so this means that I have lost more fat than muscle added. I am seeing a little differences but not the large wholesale differences I would expect with losing something like 15 pounds with no exercise plan and just using the South Beach Diet. That is, I don’t look like I did last year when I weighed 200 even. But I sure do feel strong. I am a little worried about my plan to go on the South Beach Diet at some point. I have the feeling that I will be needing more sleep and feel more tired as the diet has you eating less by default. Not that you are limited, it is just that feeling of if you want to eat more you can have broccoli or lean ham so you just pass (Oops, Sorry MizFit, I did it again…) you can’t have a handful of cashews and a glass of milk. (This is something I might have chosen recently… yeah, so)

So I will commit to one week of phase 1 here soon, but I don’t know that I can do two if I am feeling too tired cause one thing I am not going to do is back down the workouts. I also can’t finish up the two weeks of phase 1 the day I have my race either, I have to be back in phase 2 for at least a week to have the energy to do the race. Speaking of the race I am going to have to come up with a meal plan the morning of and test it out on my workout Saturday. Doing the race with a splitting side ache is not something I want any part of. I am at T-4 weeks for the race. I need to get my plan together if I want to lose weight with the SBD before then. I can’t do the test on the SBD so I will come up with something for tomorrow to test so I can start SBD phase 1 next week if I get up the gumption.


Weight Training Progress

July 23, 2008

Here is a list of the weight training, and how it has changed from the first time I did it 5 weeks ago, I do 2 sets of 15 reps for everything. One thing I have done is to rest a bit less time in between like 30-45 seconds max and do the weights a little faster. I still try to stay in control of the weight and not to “throw” it through the zone where it might be harder cause that makes it less useful I think. The first weight is what I started with 5 weeks ago and the second number is, well about an hour and a half ago:

  • Leg press           100 – 115
  • Leg curl              40 – 60
  • Leg Extension    40 -55 
  • Abdominal          40 – 100
  • Abductor            60 – 85 
  • Adductor            70 – 80 
  • Back Extension    65 – 100 
  • Rear Delt             55 – 80 
  • Peck Fly              55 – 80 
  • Chest press        30 – 60
  • Lateral Raise       30 – 35
  • Lateral Pulldown 70 – 90
  • Shoulder press    30 – 40
  • Seated Row          40 -70
  • Seated Dip           65 – 100
  • Arm Curl             30 -37.5 

TOTAL            820 – 1187.5    = 45% average increase in 5 weeks. You got to love testosterone’s usefulness in building muscles.

I also walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes instead of 20 to warm up, today I did 2 miles walking at 4.1 mph, something I would not have been able to do before. I also forgot my phone today, (bad weight lifter, bad treadmiller, bad blogger), so I could not take a picture of my warmup heart rate. On the picture above I stuck the 105 bpm on there well today it was 96, yeah 96 amazing huh? I told you my VO2Max was improving. I almost feel like I am cheating with the first 5 minutes of walking so slow, but I want to get this measurement each time to watch it improve. I will take my phone with me Thursday to snap it and update my banner.

On a bad note, my wife sent the MP3 player through the wash a few days ago. Yeah I guess the theory goes that it was my fault for leaving it in the pocket. No worries though, it just means I get to go buy a new toy. It has become a necessity for me and I can feel the difference when doing the treadmill not having the music makes it a little tougher.

Vacation Workouts

July 9, 2008

I am going on vacation. I will take my bike and finally get in some work on it. I have mapped out a 17 mile route which is from where I am staying to a state park, so it’s 34 miles if I am going alone. My wife is going to be driving the kids to the park a lot I think… cause 34 miles sounds like a lot.

I will probably have Internet, but if not… you’ll know why I am missing.

I plan to keep working out and will make an effort to eat healthy, I should be ready for a south beach diet phase 1 stint by the time I get back. I want to blitz the 200 pound mark and knock it on it’s ass on my way through.

So I was admiring myself yesterday. I guess I am not picky… I don’t remember quite how it happened, but I flexed my bicep muscle while grabbing something and was looking in that direction and it caught my attention. Now to be sure it still has some padding (you know, blubber) around it but I tell you it is amazing to see that there is actually a muscle in there. I was shocked. It’s like looking in the mirror and seeing green hair, or picking up a glass of milk and drinking and almost spitting it out cause it is actually water. I will look at myself in the mirror one day and wonder who put the muscle halloween suit on me. I can’t believe how fast all this stuff makes a difference. I can do the 35 lb arm curl through both sets of 15 now.