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High Intensity Interval Training

September 2, 2008

So after all together too much rest from the triathlon, I got back on my horse.

OK, I did do a 1200 yard swim one day but all the other days since the triathlon my plans to workout just ran out of legs. I was in Portland this weekend. We went to work out at the YMCA Saturday, and ironically many of the roads were closed that would have lead us to the YMCA. I had just looked at a google map but didn’t print out, so we got lost. [Don’t worry guys I never admitted it, I knew we were in Portland.] I say ironically because roads were closed for a triathlon and we didn’t find the YMCA because of that. So no workout.

I again had the brilliant plan last night to work out this morning. I set my alarm for 6, yuck. I have this plan often which typically leads me to a string of snoozes as long as the line at the DMV around lunchtime. Then to my surprise I actually got up. I did the high intensity interval thing. The stuff I talked about in the EPOC post. I did 5 minutes of warmup, then 1 min at 7 mph, then 1 min at 3.8, then I decided 7 mph was too much and did 6 mph for the rest until the last one at 13-14 minutes where I did 7 mph again. Then I cooled down from 14-20 minutes. That is only 5 intervals but the idea was to hit it hard for a short workout. I still went about 1.4 miles during that time, which probably isn’t all that much but still seems like a lot to me. Since it was only 20 minutes which was half warmup and cool down I guess it really wasn’t but it of course is more than the normal sleeping I do. I still plan to go to the YMCA tonight.


South Beach Plus a Killer Workout

August 8, 2008

So yesterday I made it to the gym. I also used the treadmill. When I got done that stinkin’ little thing didn’t look tired, but I sure was. This was probably becuase I just broke a few personal records. 

I did my first mile in 10:53, and I finished up 3 miles total in 38:40. And yes it is hard to follow up a one mile as fast as you can to be part of a 3 miles as fast as you can effort. My heart rate got up over 175 on the first mile and never looked back. I did .85 at 5.5 mph, then up to 6.0 mph for the last .15 miles of the first mile where I hit my new best time with a heart rate around 185-ish. Then for the next 28 minutes I slowed down to as low as 4.2 and had bouts of insanity where I sped back up as high as 5.5 which I did for the last .1 miles. My heart rate never dropped below 175 for the second two miles and I never saw it go over 189. This was the most I have been able to push myself. And being on the SBD I did feel like I needed a break in there somewhere, but honestly, I don’t think I could do that without thinking —please stoooooop— somewhere in there no matter what I ate.

And MizFit to answer your questions about feeling beat from the low carb diet, I actually feel pretty good, but the first 2-3 days were tough. My kid has been pretty sick and I am not sure if I got a real mild case of what she had, or if I just got wiped out and had no energy from SBD. I am thinking it may even be a combination of both. Since I have made more of an effort to get the veggies in every meal, which includes spinach in the morning eggs, I have been doing better. I also had extra turkey patties left over from the one day and eating them, which were just full of veggies seemed to help me. I am glad you tried them by the way, thanks for the feedback!

So I have one more thing to share, it harkens back to one of my first posts where I was refering to a special form of artwork. See if you guys can guess what it is.


Workout and South Beach Diet and Stevia Update

July 29, 2008


Over the weekend I got a new best time again for the 500 and 100 yards of swimming, 14:37 and 1:55. So for those keeping track this is only 3 seconds and 6 seconds better, respectively, but this was after I did my toughest workout yet. I do the swimming last out of convenience, which just has to be dropping my times a bit. I burned 405 calories in 30 minutes on the adaptive motion precor, then did my weights. This adaptive motion thing, if you haven’t seen it, is very strange looking. It reminds me of one of those machines you strap into and then start walking around looking a tad robotish. But the ones from the movies that are big enough to pick up cars and stuff (yeah that is right the science fiction ones). So, it is like an elliptical, but your stride length is variable, you can go all out strides or you can do like you are climbing up stairs. I felt like I had a little too much weight on the front of my feet and one foot even started to get numb so I don’t think I will be using it much, I try and get a fast stride and the best I could do was about 110 per minute. With the eliptical I can push it and get to 140 and holding at 120 is about the same as 100 on the adaptive motion thing as far as percieved effort is concerned. I find these machines very easy to work out hard and keep the heart rate up. So it will help me with the cardio improvements I am looking for, but obviously I will need to incorporate some real treadmill and pavement if I am going to get practice for the triathlon.

South Beach Diet

I have it set now. I will commit. (You thought I never would didn’t you?) I will be going on the SBD phase 1 this Saturday for 1 week for sure and if I don’t get too tired then will extend it to 2 weeks. Once finished with phase 1 then I will move to phase 2, then I will stay on the SBD phase 2 until my triathlon. So I am commiting to 3 weeks at this point in time. I hope to get some weight off to make the triathlon a bit easier. I have no idea how much I will lose while working out at the same time. I would imagine that it won’t be quite as fast as before only because it was probably water and muscle before. This is the real SBD test with workouts as far as I am concerned.

Stevia Update

So I got an email from Sweetleaf back that answered some of my questions. So I will share that. See my post and the comments I added if you are not familiar with what I am refering to. Sweetleaf stevia is not a crude extract, although it seems as though it would vary some by plant quality. This is what they told me:

Our new sweetener product is called SweetLeaf Sweetener and is 98-99% pure sweet glycosides, of which 40.5% to 70% are rebaudioside A. There are many different sweet glycosides and even various rebaudiosides; “Reb A” tends to be the sweetest in the context of the other glycosides in its natural state. Our processing also includes the removal of the leaf elements that give bitterness, which allows the fresh sweet taste of the glycosides, including Reb A, to come through more purely and vibrantly.

Our Sweetener extract is produced very differently from our dietary supplement, although the dietary supplement has been a fine product and the stevia leader in the marketplace. In the sweetener, only purified water touches the stevia leaves in extraction. Our new Sweetener has achieved the GRAS(Generally Recognized as Safe) designation by adhering to the highest standards set forth for safety and purity in plant constituents and processing for stevia by all scientific monitoring bodies worldwide. Ours is the first and to date only GRAS stevia sweetener. There is no aftertaste; there is only a sweet, enjoyable taste. We do not need to add any ingredient to the extract to make it taste better. We do add a pro-biotic natural soluble fiber to the packets as a carrier to make it easier to use. People tend to use too much with the pure extract. And the fiber is good for you, too.

Cargill/Coca-Cola product, Truvia, as well as Sweatleaf is GRAS by the FDA now. Generally recognized as Safe (GRAS) means they can sell it as a sweetener, put it in drinks, whatever they want. So we are going to see a lot of it in the coming months. It will take a few months to get people to notice this new sweetener is available as an alternative though. It is still not in my neck of the woods on the shelves.

So the one item now that I am greatly interested in is the bulking up agent they use to make it easier to use and measure. Truvia is using erythritol, while sweatleaf is using a pro-biotic natural soluable fiber. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that does not have the same side effects of other sugar alcohols that cause trouble in the large intestines because it is absorbed before it gets there. Here is an excerpt from an abstract:

Erythritol administered orally to humans was rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and quantitatively excreted in the urine without undergoing metabolic change. At high oral doses, urinary excretion accounted for approximately 90% of the administered dose with minimal amounts appearing in the faeces. A comparison of the human and animal data indicated a high degree of similarity in the metabolism of erythritol and this finding supports the use of the animal species used to evaluate the safety of erythritol for human consumption. It can be concluded, based on the available studies that erythritol did not produce evidence of toxicity. 

Erythritol is a sweetener itself, it is just less sweet than sugar. The combination of a sweetener that is not as strong as sugar makes some sense as a bulking agent as long as the alcohol sugar does not cause trouble. 

The pro-biotic soluable fiber that sweetleaf uses sounds like a good idea to me. It is soluable so it will disolve into drinks, and this is the same type of fiber that people buy on it’s own and take as a health benefit, so it seems to make good sense to add it to a product that is trying to be a healthy sweetener.

I will reserve any further comments on which one is better until I have the ability to taste some of this stuff. I ordered a trick HD video camera and this stevia last week, so if the UPS guy drives by my house not leaving me anything and I see him, he may get attacked. I am seriously jonesing for these things to show up.